July 11, 2016

I still didn’t think I was thin enough…

Well it’s officially summer here in NYC! As a city we’ve been cranking up our AC units, drinking all the cold brew coffee, and planning any which way we can get our butts to the beach.

 Have you been surfside yet this summer? Or spent some Sundays at your pool? And of course, donned the usual summer water gear, your bathing suit? How have you been feeling when it’s time to suit up? Do you feel calm? Happy? Has it brought anything emotionally speaking for you? 

Now if you’re like “C’mon Robyn, I LOVE the way I look, I feel strong and energized and totally in love with what I see in the mirror”-  awesome! You rock! But my guess is that even if you are strong and energized, even if your belly is flat, if you’re anything like the women I work with, it’s that last part that you are still working on.

It’s okay to admit that you are struggling. I’ve been there, even as a health coach training for half marathons and eating all the supposedly good-for-you foods, I still didn’t feel thin enough {yes, even in this picture taken during a yoga retreat in Nicaragua, in the middle of training for a race, I didn’t think I was thin enough. I realize now how insane I was to think this}. My inner dialogue didn’t match the life I was living on the outside.

So how did I learn to get off crazy diets, trust my decisions around food, and stop agonizing over every menu?

Through working with my own coach and mentor, Laura Hames Franklin, I learned that it was possible to really, truly love my body. To work with it, instead of against it. To accept it. To feel enough.

How does something that you have been struggling with your whole life completely change?

Laura and I are going to show you one powerful way this Thursday at 2PM EST during our very special webinar: Weight Loss, Body Love + Getting Unstuck

Register here!

Yes, we will cover why it’s so hard keep the weight off and the biggest mistake people make when it comes to losing weight and how you can avoid it for good, but this call is going to be about more than just the physical weight. I know you, my friend, and you are smart – you know your body affects your mind and your mind affects your life. During this call we’ll show you how to work with your body AND with your mind so that you do feel confident, energized, and totally in love with yourself. Whether you’re in your comfiest sweats, or your new favorite bathing suit.

 You don’t want to miss the information that we are going to share, it’s unlike anything I’ve done before. If you can’t make the call live, register here and we’ll send you the recording!

See you there!

Editor’s note: To get the recording of this very special webinar, click here: Weight Loss, Body Love + Getting Unstuck

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