January 23, 2014

I Thought I Shouldn’t Tell You This…

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a wellness summit meeting. Picture 100+ wellness junkies in a room figuring out how they can better themselves, their businesses, and serve their clients and community even more. It’s safe to say I was in heaven.

At the gala dinner (where I won an Impact Award for this video!!), a special question was asked of the table by one of the guests sitting with us.

“What would you share if there were absolutely no consequences?”

Round and round we went with answers of different topics, all extremely bold and brave.

I was up next. At an epic volume I heard what I needed to share with them (and with you).

So I shared with them.

And now, with you.

Okay, here goes; total confession time.

{brace yourselves}

~ I don’t have this whole food thing completely figured out. ~

{whoa, breathe in, breathe out}

It’s true. I don’t.

Sometimes I’ll get a food in my head (healthy or not) and it will literally scream at me until I eat it. And then I’ll get another food in my head and I’ll need to eat that too.

Sometimes it’s no big deal (a larabar, apples and almond butter…).

photoSometimes it is, and can lead to a binge.

It makes me feel like a failure. It makes me feel like I should have this completely figured out.

And then I have to remind myself that I’m human, and to take some of my own high-level coaching advice.

When new clients come to me, they regularly share that they want this completely handled. They want the food noise to be gone. They don’t want cookies to scream at them again, ever. What I tell them is likely what they don’t expect to hear:

The shouting may never go away.

It’s true, it may not.

But that doesn’t mean all is lost. What I can teach them (and myself) is how to dial the volume down. If it’s a nine or a 10, we can quiet it to a three or a four (and keep going from there).

The shouting matches will be fewer and farther between, but they will likely still exist (and maybe be there forever) and that’s okay. You will still feel infinitely more vibrant, healthy, and energized, and yes, lose weight (usually by accident) in the process.

To quote one of my table compadres from this weekend:

“It will be there until it isn’t anymore.” [Share this with your peeps who need some encouragement!]

That may be the most calming and peaceful statement I ever heard. I felt immediate relief. “It will be there until it isn’t anymore.” I can live with that.

Until then I’ll continue to work on being my healthiest me and guide my beautiful community of women on how to be their healthiest selves – adding calmness into morning routines, upgrading breakfasts to feel energized and clear for the day, making the gym actually happen, and being excited to get in the kitchen to make collard greens (they can be thrilling, I promise!).

We’re all on the same healthy journey (no matter what the screaming cookie is trying to say).

Did I shock you? Do you hear the jar of peanut butter screaming at you too? Please tell me I’m not alone! Let’s all share how we don’t have this completely figured out TOGETHER below.

And please, if you know someone that has a symphony from their kitchen cabinets playing in their head, forward this to them. No one should feel alone in their journey to becoming the healthiest that they can be. In my upcoming Healthiest You Group Coaching Program, I’ll share specific ways we can all help each other become our best selves.

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