November 26, 2014

I want you to try this this week

Happy Thanksgiving my American friends!

I’ve got an “ask” of you as we kick off this fabulous holiday season.

Instead of getting more done, planning more, moving faster, packing even more in, I want you to use this holiday as your own personal yellow traffic light to sloooow down. It’s time to shift to deep breaths and quiet time to take inventory of everything you’re thankful for. This way we can really give thanks and invite even more good stuff in! <<– Tweet that!

These past few weeks for me have been a whirlwind of pure excitement and love mixed in with a lot of hustle and hard work. I cheered on a group of health warriors in my #21DayChewingChallenge, hosted my Thin From Within coaching ladies for their immersion retreat weekend and then partied my a$$ off celebrating 5 years of growing this career love child.

It was awesome and I’m still feeling the love hangover from it all. Yes, I worked hard to make it all happen, but I knew that in order for me to really enjoy the high flying, good vibing feelings my body and mind needed to stay calm and even during it all, I had to create space in my schedule to rest following this period. This little bit of slowing down is crucial in allowing me to be grateful for everything that I had just created.

Here’s the thing, when you accomplish a “holy sh*t I did it” task, you must slow down to reap all the loving rewards. Quiet time, reflection time, smile to yourself time. Enjoy the sweetness that’s been given to you before rushing off to the next to-do.

Now I want to hear from you… How are you slowing down this holiday? What things are you grateful for that you’re going to let soak into everything that you are? Comment below and let us all know!

Watch and experience how this act of slowing down and appreciating changes who you are and how you are to the people you love. Now that’s the real recipe for a great Thanksgiving day!

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