September 11, 2017

Is IIN for you? {time sensitive savings offer}

On Friday I shared about a program that changed everything for me. If you read that email (or my book!) you know that The Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s Health Coach Training Program was the catalyst for me creating a career, and a life, that seriously lights me up.

Today I’m going into a few more details about the program: how it works, what you’ll receive as part of the program AND who it’s for. I want to make it easy for you to decide if THIS is the right fit for you.

If after reading all this you’re still unsure if this is the right program, or the right time, for you – hit reply to this email and someone from my team will be in touch to answer your questions and share more about the IIN experience.

What you’ll get:

  • Online classes from top-notch speakers in the field of health and wellness, including Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, Dr. Oz, Geneen Roth, Lissa Rankin and many more inspiring doctors, authors, and researchers who are leading the global shift towards wholesome health. You’ll learn over 100 dietary theories, as well as essential coaching skills.
  • Convenient on-the-go learning platform. You can learn anywhere, anytime with IIN’s cutting-edge Learning Center that can be accessed from your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop. You can set your own schedule and study when the time is right for you.
  • Incredible support and encouragement. You’ll be able to connect and interact with countless fellow students, as well as staff members, who will help to keep you on track and motivated.
  • Coaching & business skills. No other nutrition school will help you actually launch a business. You will learn how to define your target audience, attract potential clients, market your brand, close the sale, and create an authentic business model aligned with your goals for success.
  • Bonuses from me! $1,000 off tuition; enrollment in my virtual coaching program, Your Healthiest You; a special business mentoring webinar AND a copy of my best-selling book, Go with Your Gut.

How it works:

  • As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive access to the Foundational materials and your pre-course work so you can dive in right away!
  • Each week in the program (except for holiday weeks!) you’ll get an email notifying you that that week’s materials are available in your student Learning Center (which you can access online from your smartphone, tablet or computer).
  • The course materials are a mix of audio lectures, video lectures and documents. You choose when you go through the materials, and how long you want to spend studying them. The expected weekly time commitment is about 4-8 hours.
  • There are weekly quizzes and 4 tests that you’ll take over the course of the year long program. I always tell prospective students not to stress too much over these – as long as you’re keeping up with the materials, you’ll have no problem passing these.
  • You’ll be added to a Facebook group where you can connect with your fellow classmates throughout the program. This is also a great place to ask questions, receive support and be inspired!
  • You’ll also be assigned your very own coach so that you can experience what it’s like to be coached, and have one-on-one guidance throughout your program.
  • Halfway through the program you’ll receive the go-ahead to start coaching clients (if you want!). Some students who do this even make back their tuition before the program is over.
  • During the course of your program you’ll be invited to a LIVE conference in NYC. This is an incredible opportunity to learn from the IIN teachers, connect with your classmates and visit a super awesome city!

Who IIN is for:

IIN is for you answer YES to any of the following:

  • You love creating healthy recipes
  • The thought of exploring a new health food store excites you
  • You get fired up talking to friends, family and co-workers about kombucha and bone broth
  • You already have a career or side job in health and wellness and want to learn how to bring your services to the world in a bigger (and more profitable) way
  • You’re ready to make a job change but you have no idea how to make the leap
  • You are a parent (or grandparent, or spouse) and want to learn how to better take care of your family, and yourself
  • You have an idea (or a million) for a healthy food, product or service business but have no idea how to make it happen
  • You’re passionate about helping others
  • You just freaking love food
  • You’ve had a personal experience in healing yourself through holistic methods
  • Reading ANY of this email sparks something inside of you 🙂

Click here for IIN’s FREE Sample Class and get a taste of what it’s like to be a part of this incredible training.

The next IIN class begins in just one week on September 18th, 2017. I know this can feel scary, I know this can feel huge, but I also know this can feel like the best decision you’ve ever made in your life. And that feeling, dang it’s SO GOOD. So get on it girl.

To enroll, call the IIN Admissions Team directly at 877-780-5455. Remember to tell them that Robyn Youkilis sent you to receive a savings of up to $1,000 off tuition, plus those extra bonuses from me.

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