March 27, 2019

Is 2019 Your Year?

Where do you want to be one year from today?

Intentions are all the rage these days, and while I love (and admire!) the gals posting their lists of monthly goals on Instagram, I can’t help but feel tired reading through all the things some of these ladies want to accomplish in just one month.

But I understand it – I too used to be the “do it all” girl.

Our modern society is so focused on output and achievement: the “go-go-go” mentality that once was saved for corporate boardrooms has now found its way into the health and self development world.

It’s wonderful that there’s so much more information available, and that more people than ever are paying attention to what they eat and the quality of their thoughts. But in a world so full of instant gratification, we can feel overwhelmed, disappointed or even ashamed when it’s not as quick and easy to actualize our goals.

The truth is most true change takes real time.

We overestimate what we can change in a day or week or month, but we also underestimate what can shift over a longer period of time, like a year. We forget that not everything has to be done in short, intensive bursts. That small, slow, gradual steps can actually get us where we want to go in a way that feels WAY less taxing on our bodies, minds and souls.

How would it feel if you allowed yourself more time with your goals (be them body, life or business)?

What if instead of looking at one month out or even three months, you could take the whole year to focus on what you really, really wanted to achieve?

What if there was zero pressure? And your plan was laid out for you, complete with plenty of time and space for breaks, troubleshooting and (most importantly) breath?

And what if you could approach your goals, your to-do list, your work from a place of ease?

I know I want all this. And if you want this to, I have a special invitation for you…


Your Year is a year long coaching experience where you’ll have all the space, time, resources and support you need to get clear on your goals and accomplish them.

I created this program to be my most intimate, most expansive, offering to date.

During your year long coaching experience, you’ll receive support in the following areas:

  • Food – As usual with me, you’ll get the latest on the foods and supplements you should be focusing on now for your body.
  • Body – You’ll learn to truly let go of toxic self-sabotaging patterns and step into your dream body with total ease.
  • Career – If you’ve been wanting to start your own business, switch jobs, or simply get a promotion, I’ll be supporting you with the latest information available based on my experience with career transitions and entrepreneurial training.
  • Life – Optimizing your every day will become second nature, and your happiness will skyrocket; you’ll become more connected with your intuition than ever and rarely second guess your decisions.

This program is incredibly intensive (in all the best ways). I originally offered the available spaces to my 1:1 coaching clients and all were filled, but I decided to open up ONE more spot for 2019 for someone I’m not currently working with.

If reading though all of this you feel a sense of relief in knowing that you can be supported deeply for the rest of the year, I encourage you to apply for Your Year today.

Where do you want to be one year from today?

Let’s go there together.

Click here to learn more + apply for Your Year.

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