March 11, 2022

Must watch videos + 2 new books on the scene!

Two very dear friends of mine, Dr. Robin Berzin and Gabby Bernstein, released new books, and this week I sat down with each of them on IG Live to chat about their books, health, wellness, and so much more!

On Wednesday, Robin Berzin, the founder of Parsley Health, and I discussed her incredible new book that I LOVED (like couldn’t put down enjoyed) State Change. It’s an incredible book about getting your health back on track, finding your body state change, and getting real science, facts, and funny stories from a medical professional, mom, and CEO. 

In our IG Live, Dr. Robin gives us a sampling of what we can expect in her book, why it’s important to start with the “why” when understanding your health, why you should believe in progress over perfection, and so much more goodness!

Grab your copy of her book State Change: End Anxiety Beat Burnout, and Ignite a New Baseline of Energy and Flow and catch our IG Live here

Yesterday, Gabby Bernstein and I chatted about her new book, Happy Days: the Guided Path from Trauma to Profound Freedom and Inner Peace

In Happy Days, Gabby helps guide you from trauma to finding peace with these incredible tools and trainings that she has done and gone through herself. This book is a path back to presence of peace and serenity within yourself.

You can watch our chat here (heads up, we’re best friends for many many years and we get real intimate!) and get your copy here on Amazon.

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