January 9, 2013

My big lesson after the holidays

Boy did I beat the sh*t out of myself last weekend.

A bashing of epic proportions.

I called myself fat.  I called myself unmotivated, lazy.  I “shoulded” all over myself.

It wasn’t pretty.

I assumed (<– that word, never helping anyone!), that I should hit the ground running after the holidays.  I assumed I’d instantly go back to my healthful eating ways, and the couple of pounds I gained would be no big deal and would fall off over night.  I assumed I would want to take on the world with my business, writing a million new ways to share the Your Healthiest You message.

It didn’t exactly go down that way.

Instead, I felt uninspired after the holidays.  I didn’t feel ready.  I wanted to crawl back into my blanketed cocoon in Vermont and sit cozy by the fire with cup after cup of tea.  Really, what’s so wrong with that?  The more I told myself “get to work!” the more I rebelled, until I finally landed in a full-on Robyn-bashing session Saturday night.

After I was done with as much verbal abuse as I could take, I felt a giant wave of relief and release come over me.  Giving a voice to those thoughts ended up being quite therapeutic.  Just getting them out, expressing how much I was struggling made it feel okay to be exactly where I was.

My big lesson from all of this?  Sometimes we need a little more time.  We need to be gentle with ourselves, and be okay with the pace at which we accomplish things even if it’s slower than others (or so it seems).  We are each on our own journey.  We each have our own timing.  It’s healthy to learn to be okay with this, accepting it, and even loving it.  Whether it’s losing the holiday weight, getting back into a gym routine, regaining the fire for a career or unraveling stress, we all need to do it at our own pace, on our own schedule.

I’ve taken a lot of these thoughts and lessons and put them into some new and inspiring work for all of you.  If you are not already on my newsletter list, sign up here and you will receive a very special invitation from me next week.

Now I want to hear from you!  How are you feeling after the holidays?  Inspired?  Tired?  Let me know in the comments below!  We can all support one another.  🙂

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