June 1, 2015

My Most Powerful Tenets

Hope you had a lovely Memorial Day Rockstars!

After I announced the Q + A on Friday, ya’ll flooded my inbox with questions! In short – yes, we can work out a payment plan! And no, I won’t be opening the doors again in 3 months. 🙁 This is your last chance to work with me this intimately for a looong while!

Without a doubt however, the majority of you were most curious about what it’s REALLY like to be part of Thin From Within. And the truth is, I can sit here and explain it to you all day but I’d rather you get to experience it for yourself! What’s that mean for you? I’ve decided that before we have an official Q + A I ask you take the hour you had set aside for the call to listen to this instead.

If you’re thinking about joining us for the summer session of Thin From Within you won’t want to miss this. This recorded video is one of the real video calls from this past fall session and it covers some of my juiciest principles and simple practices to revolutionize the way you feel in your body.

Into it? Be sure to head on over and fill out your application here. There are limited spots left!!!

PS. Even if you’re not thinking about joining Thin From Within I encourage you to listen to this. It’s a full hour of amazing tips and coaching completely *free*.

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