May 15, 2018

My personal reset reflection

Wow! After a week of the Good Gut Reset and leading my Rockstar Collective retreat last weekend, I am feeling incredible and so grateful. Yes – my body feels great, but more importantly, I’m feeling more connected to my intuition, and a movement and purpose much bigger than myself.

This all led to some pretty big insights but also to the decision to open enrollment in a very special coaching program. More on that below!

This Reset was about learning how to meal prep and eat gut-healing foods, but it was about so much more than just food. Like with everything I teach, the food is just a layer of learning to listen to your intuition and take care of yourself on a deep level.

I had a few “aha” personal moments during the Reset:

  1. It’s SO much easier to listen to your intuitive voice when you take out some of the food noise. Before the Reset I was eating chocolate every night and couldn’t muscle myself out of the craving. During the Reset I was able to tune in and listen to my body and realize that I needed to eat more fat in my days, because I was following a plan which took away a few of my food decisions.
  2. Health is an ever-evolving journey, not a destination. Wellness is who I am, and likely it’s a part of you too. We read blog posts and know all the local health foods stores. We go to yoga or spin or barre and sip tea or kombucha regularly. But sometimes even I can get lost in the sea of wellness info and lose touch with what makes ME feel good. Being a part of a program (and yes, I do my own programs along with my clients!) allowed me space to check in and assess my routines and habits.
  3. Being part of a group makes everything easier and WAY more fun! Was it easy to meal prep for the Reset at 10PM after a long day of travel? Nope. But I did it anyway because I knew I was part of a movement, that there were other people doing this with me. Not only was being part of a bigger group motivating but it also made the process of changing habits (and breathing through that nighttime chocolate craving!) more fun because I had support. I could share where I was struggling, but also my wins.

When I listen to and trust my body, I am clear about the exact foods, workouts, and life choices I need to make in each moment.

You can experience that, too, when you go deeper and connect to your intuition.


Your intuition the part of you that knows what foods to eat, and how much of those foods, in each and every moment. This is what takes the power away from the birthday cake, the 3rd glass of wine, whatever food you’re trying to muscle yourself out of eating. This is the tool that brings it back to you. Checking in, again and again, and again.

If you want to stop feeling so unsure about your diet choices, you need to learn to LISTEN to your own intuitive voice.

We’re taught that everything we need is outside of us, that this [insert diet or supplement or plan] will be the thing that fixes me, and ultimately make me happy. While this may work for some people in the short term, it doesn’t work in the long term.

Sure, you can learn the healthified recipes, the mindful eating tools, and the tricks, but this will never become a part of you until you learn to listen to your own body, to connect to your own inner guru, your intuition.

I want to teach you exactly that.

I want to teach you how YOU can be your greatest asset and your own best influence.

Imagine if you could just know:

  • Know what to order at your local lunch spot so that you have real energy that fuels you through your busy afternoon of meetings (with plenty left over to get your through that after-work yoga class or school pick up)
  • What to grab for breakfast if you literally only have 60 seconds in the morning
  • Why you crave chocolate after dinner every night so that you can address the cause of that craving (and not just give in the Hershey kisses you have stashed in your cabinet or your lovely Hu Kitchen Cashew Butter + Vanilla Bean chocolate bars)
  • If coffee is great for you or do you really need to stay on the tea train
  • Or any of the other 100,000 questions about food and diet choices that are taking up precious space in your head in any one day

Imagine how much lighter you would feel, in body and mind.

So how do you get there, especially with everything else you’ve got in your already overfull inbox, text message threads, and on your plate?

I’ve built a space where you can get all the nerdy must-know health info and support you need to find that intuitive voice that is inside somewhere so that you can finally feel clear on what choices are best for your body, and for your life.

Don’t wait any longer tinkering around with different diets and driving yourself insane. You’re way too smart for that.

It’s time to get a handle on your health in an easy, doable, and supportive way.

We can’t do it alone. Every successful client of mine has said they would NOT have been able to succeed without my support. And now you can have it too, through my online coaching program: Your Healthiest You.

I wasn’t planning on opening this program again but my personal aha moments from the Reset, I knew this was something we all are craving. An opportunity to connect, to learn and to breathe together. A space to continue that journey to your brightest, happiest version of YOU.

So what are you waiting for?

Now is the time for Your Healthiest You. Let’s do this, together.

Robyn Coaches

My intention is for you to powerfully move into this person you KNOW you are. And I’d love to have the honor of guiding you there through this 6-week program.

Thanks for listening. I can’t wait to talk more with you over here!

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