August 3, 2022

My Summer Vlogs + LA Eats Video

I thought it could be fun to share a social recap as I’ve been on a real reel kick!

I shared a glimpse into all my LA eats for our 3 week stay! So much home cooking (this NYer revels in extra countertop space!) and so many yummy things around town. Also here’s an LA vlog if you want to catch up on that too.

Chatted about carving out pockets of joy with Navy because I needed the reminder to enjoy my child as a person rather than someone I need to parent 24/7. Anyone relate?

I posted about how far I’ve come as a health coach and gave some tips to help spare you some growing pains with 3 Things I Wish I Knew when I Started my Coaching Practice. If you’re hearing a YES! to this, you can still catch my newest Business Masterclass- The Outlier Entrepreneur: Be the One Who Makes It on demand.

Also, I was super late to the pesto fried eggs trend, but oh so glad I didn’t sleep on it! So easy and makes a next level dish with just one simple additional ingredient! Have you tried this yet or will you make it now? 

Thanks for following me here and on my social media too! Oh almost forgot! I’m on TikTok too and posting lots of exclusive fun content there too, follow me here

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