January 29, 2015

My Top 3 Tips for How to Weather Any Storm

I’m so happy to be back in New York! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you know I got “stuck” in Park City, Utah following attending the Sundance Film Festival. Heading to the airport and then getting turned around for a cancelled flight turned into quite the “learn how to roll with it” lesson for my troop and I wanted to share some of our lessons with all of you.

Whether you get stuck in an actual snow storm or plans go totally off the rails here are my top 3 tips for weathering any storm (tweet em!):

  1. Honor what you’re feeling. At first you might be pissed, frustrated, scared or just plain exhausted by a situation. Allow that feeling to come up for you. Breathe through it. Close your eyes and take a minute, heck even bust out a journal and write it out. Feelings have a natural course of their own and when we try and tell them they’re not real or to stop feeling a certain way they just get stronger. Feel them out and they’ll change all on their own.
  2. Step into a place of gratitude. No matter what is going down we can all find things we’re super grateful for. Create an ongoing list through your situation (and maybe even saying what you’re grateful for out loud) will remind your body and soul that there is so much to be grateful for (and likely whatever you’re stressing out about won’t start to feel like such a big deal).
  3. Ask the universe, “how can I make the most of this?”. And I mean to literally do that. When I asked that question I heard a strong voice say “go to Whole Foods”. So I asked the cabby on the way back to our ski house (which we were all very grateful to have until Wednesday, just by chance) to make a quick stop. I knew if we were staying a couple more days I would need my own home cooked and nourishing food. My hubby used his time to work remotely, our other friend simply took the time to chill out and reboot.


So whether your plans change due to weather or a life circumstance taking you in a different direction, I hope these tips help keep you calm, keep you grounded in your body, and allow us all to see how lucky we are, in any moment.

 Now I want to hear from you! Did any of my Northeasters experience the snowstorm on a unique level? Have you ever had an adventure go totally off the rails? If so, how did you handle it? Share your stories and comments below, I love hearing from you!

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