March 10, 2023

My Winter Skin Tips

I’m just back from warm Costa Rica, but because we’re still in boots and coats here in Brooklyn I thought it would be nice to share my winter skin tips for the last bits of cold! These tips helped my skin stay hydrated all winter long. Some of these tips I learned during my facial at Staille Studios (highly recommend!) and some I’ve been rocking for years.

My Winter Skin Tips

New to me – the 7 Skins Method from Korean Beauty!

What a game changer. And also, A LOT OF PRODUCT. Lol. The idea is that you layer on 7 applications of a toner style spray between your serum and moisturizer (I use the Hydrating Floral Mist from Tata Harper). And no worries, even 4 applications is great. They say the product can really penetrate deeply with layer upon layer. Here’s a fun article detailing this method.  


Cold air and heat in our homes can dry out our skin. Having a humidifier adds moisture back to the air, so necessary in winter. 

Oil in the Shower

I apply oil on damp skin and massage it over the entire body. This not only locks in moisture, it’s a decadent way to show appreciation to your skin. You can use coconut oil or a body oil. Whatever you prefer! I used to shy away from body oil but some friends recommended applying it in the shower and it’s awesome this way. 

Lymphatic Scrub

Lymphatic scrubs exfoliate dry skin, increase blood circulation, and promote drainage to your lymph system, which can also support your nervous and immune systems. It’s important to get everything moving!

Neck Scarf

Following Traditional Chinese Medicine protocol, our neck must always be protected from the wind and cold. This is why you almost always see me with a scarf, no matter the season, because I live on the windiest waterfront in Brooklyn. 


My brilliant NYC facialist, Jolie at Staille Studios has taught me so much of this and so much more. Plus she keeps my skin deeply hydrated and looking fab at 43. If you’re in the New York area or visiting, def book a session with her! 

What are your winter skin go-to’s? Let me know by commenting on this post! Stay warm everyone! 

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