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Pregnancy Glow

How I Got My Pregnancy Glow

Everyone keeps telling me I’ve got that pregnancy glow to which I say “thank you!”…AND while I’m all about my skincare routine, I also believe in beauty from the inside out!  I’ve been a big fan of New Chapter Glow Collagen for some time because not only does it have scientifically studied Types I, II […]

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My favorite clean, non-toxic beauty products

My Favorite Clean, Non-Toxic Beauty Products

When it comes to skincare, my mantra is “more is MORE”. Learning about the toxic chemicals that are in our everyday products was a huge eye opener for me and since I’m such a fan of all things skincare, I knew I wanted to put only the safest on my body. So personally, I’ve been […]

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Natural skincare

Few people realize that your skin is actually your largest organ, and that we nourish ourselves both by what we put in our bodies and ON our bodies. Here are a few yummy skin products we’re loving lately here at Team YHY: Nine Naturals – These beauty products are specifically for moms-to-be, but anyone can […]

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D.I.Y. Skin Scrub

Try a D.I.Y skin scrub for that extra glow! Combine 6 tbsp organic, unrefined coconut oil, 1 cup (used or unused) coffee grounds and 3 tbsp sea salt or cane sugar. Smooth over wet skin, scrub and rinse. For added benefits (like crazy glowing skin!), use a dry brush prior to the scrub.  

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