April 18, 2016

Natural skincare

Few people realize that your skin is actually your largest organ, and that we nourish ourselves both by what we put in our bodies and ON our bodies.

Here are a few yummy skin products we’re loving lately here at Team YHY:

  • Nine Naturals – These beauty products are specifically for moms-to-be, but anyone can appreciate and feel great using the all natural and organic hair and skin care.
  • Bodhi Vida – Each product from Bodhi Vida is made with a specific intention and has an affirmation on the bottle. Plus, their packaging is totally eco-friendly and contains wildflower seeds to plant. The serum was a lifesaver through the last few months of a cold and dry winter.
  • ALOE Gloe – As Robyn mentions in Go with Your Gut, aloe vera is a great way to nourish your gut, and also your skin from the inside out. It’s soothing, cooling, and calming. Aloe Gloe organic aloe water is an easy and delicious way to incorporate aloe into your diet and stay hydrated (which is important for everyone, especially as we move into warmer weather!).

What are your favorite natural skin and beauty products? Have you tried any of these? We’d love to hear your thoughts, questions, and recommendations in the comments below.

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