February 23, 2017

Navy’s favorite foods

I can’t believe it. My Navy girl is one year old.

Navy one year

In honor of her special day I’m sharing some of Navy’s favorite foods PLUS a very exciting announcement and invite for YOU – something I’ve been hinting at on social media and that you guys have been reeaally hungry for.

My most popular question of the past year is likely no surprise to anyone – what am I feeding my daughter! And boy, what a question! The short answer: I try to feed her foods with maximum nutrition in each bite. Yes, that means some of the more commonly known superfoods like avocado and chia seeds, but also more primal foods like liver, bone broth and ghee.

At 1 year old, here are a few foods that Navy has tried and LOVES:

    • String beans – Really, Navy? I’m still shocked that THIS is the vegetable you’ll eat until infinity and beyond. Because my little girl can’t get enough of this {in my mind totally basic!} veg, I checked out if there any special nutritional value in these guys…  and YES. Phew!  
    • Eggs – Eggs are such a great food for little ones because they’re a complete and EASY protein. Lately I’ve been making her lil baby omelettes with raw goat cheddar.
    • RaspberriesOf course she loves the most expensive berry on the block! 😉
    • Avocado – Like mama like daughter {or more like the entire wellness world}
    • Chia cakes – I’ve seen her eat four of these bad boys in one sitting. She goes bonkers for them.
    • Bean pastas – Kids love pasta. No need to fight it – just give them this upgraded version! Our favorites are the Banza chickpea pasta and the red lentil rotini from Tolerant Foods.
    • Breast milk – No matter what else I feed her, my little girl still goes for the boobies above all else. I mean, can you blame her? Breast milk is, by nature’s design, a growing human’s perfect food.

Looking for some healthier store bought options to feed your little one? Here are two brands I trust and recommend:

  • Amara Baby Foods – Amara’s preservation technique locks in original nutrients and vitamins in the fruits and veggies unlike most other jars or pouches. This is so important, especially when it comes to feeding our growing littles – I’m always trying to pack the most nutritional punch in every one of Navy’s bites.
  • So Good Baby – So Good Baby food is made using only fresh, organic, non-GMO, and deliciously nutritious ingredients. No added sugars, stabilizers, or any other funky ingredients. Plus, the twist cap pouches are super convenient for all my mamas on-the-go.

But forget what I’m feeding her, more important is that I’m teaching her HOW to eat. Oh yes, I’m talking about chewing…

It’s so important that we teach our children (and nieces and nephews and grandkids and friends’ kids!) HOW to eat. The best way to have a healthy digestive system (and be able to absorb all that nutritious food), is to break it down thoroughly for our bodies so it can be used as real fuel. And that’s true for babies and kids of all ages!

Which brings me to my big announcement!

The Chewing Challenge is BACK by unbelievable demand and request!

You, me and Navy beans all together – we are starting in a BIG way on Wednesday March 1st.

Join the next Chewing Challenge group here!

The last time we ran the Chewing Challenge all together we had over 1,000 participants join us. This time, I want us to go EVEN BIGGER!


Join the Chewing Challenge here!

I can’t wait for us to get started again!




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