June 1, 2012

Out and About

Yes, we all know we should be cooking more on a weekly basis, BUT this week you have plans to eat out!  Great!  Enjoy! Dining out doesn’t mean that you don’t have control over making healthy choices, even in the least healthy places.

Follow these easy tips to eat healthy when dining out:

1. Do the best you can! Use common sense – you know that creamy or fried foods aren’t going to be the best choices. Really read the menu – especially the soups, salads and sides – these can be your best friends. Order entrée items that are heavy on veggies. Not heavy on veggies? (see tip 2)

2. Don’t be shy! Ask your server if they wouldn’t mind doubling the veggies in your dish.   If the dish doesn’t come with veggies ask if they’ll incorporate them from their sides.   This way you’ll eat more veggies with your meal and less of everything else on the plate.

3. Ask for your dish to be prepared “very dry” – this is restaurant code for less oil and butter.   Don’t worry, they’ll still use plenty of it and your meal will still be yum, but this will save you from that extra pat or two that they add to finish off a dish (this tip especially applies to brunches and diners!).

4. When sharing with friends, tell that little voice inside of you that screams, “EAT OR EVERYONE ELSE WILL EAT AND THERE WON’T BE ANY LEFT FOR YOU” to pipe down!  Relax, there will be plenty for you to enjoy.  Order a small vegetable based soup or side salad for just you in addition to the shared plates.

5. If you really want it, have it, BUT you must REALLY want it. So make sure you first ask yourself if you do! Then take a bite or two – chances are it won’t taste as good as you thought.   If it doesn’t taste amazing stop eating it, but if it does give yourself permission to indulge…

…and remember, It’s not what you eat some of the time that makes you healthy, it’s what you eat most of the time. So enjoy those special times you dine out!

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