April 4, 2018

Products I Found via Social Media

Social media: sometimes I love it, sometimes well, it can be challenging to be connected so many ways so often. On one hand, it’s such an amazing opportunity to chat directly with so many of you, but when it leaves me feeling overwhelmed instead of inspired, well, that’s not how we want to be feeling from anything in our lives!

For example, when you wake up and start scrolling, comparing yourself and end up feeling “not enough” before you’ve even had your morning matcha? No bueno. Even though I’ve amped up my morning routine lately (check out my Morning Minute in Thin From Within for what I do most days!), I can still find myself falling into the scrolling trap.

My main tip for how to shift your social media-fueled mornings: It’s simple – don’t get on ANY sort of social (ideally emails too!) before you’ve had a chance to start your day – meditate, have your breakfast, workout, connect with your loved ones, whatever it is that sets you up for feeling great. It might be challenging at first but I know you’ll feel so much better when connecting to you before your phone becomes your daily habit.

Now for some of the great part of social media: I’ve made friends, been inspired more than I could ever imagine, found tons of joy and a lot of really awesome products and brands.

So here’s even more of the good stuff I found via social media channels and get to share with you! These are brands, products, and gear that I discovered via Instagram, and I’m now totally obsessed.

Here are a few things I’m loving lately (in order of how they show up in my day and on my feed!):

  • Nikki’s Coconut Butter – Nikki herself reached out to me asking me to try her coconut butter and OMG am I glad she did! Coconut butter is naturally sweet and Nikki’s flavors (think vanilla cake batter, dark chocolate fudge, and honey pecan pie) take this healthy treat to the next level. I’ll eat a spoonful for a quick snack (Navy loves it too!) or blend it up into my Magical Morning Matcha for an extra special AM drink. Plus one of those gorgeous jars lasts a really long time.
  • Daily Harvest smoothies – I’ve been sharing about Daily Harvest for a while now – their ready to blend superfood smoothie blends are a lifesaver on busy mornings. Navy loves ‘em (as do I!) and I always have a stash in the freezer ready to go when a Power Parfait or egg breakfast isn’t happening. Haven’t tried Daily Harvest yet? Use code ROBYN for 3 free smoothies! This is one of those healthy morning hacks that is so worth it!
  • Navy’s tableware – The #1 thing I get asked on Instagram is about the maker of Navy’s tableware. Her plate, spoon, and fork are from Happy Daisy – I love these products because they are sustainable (made out of bamboo), durable and the shape of fork and spoon are the best for self-feeding I’ve found on the market. Her bowl is from Avanchy, also bamboo and has also survived quite a few tosses over the side of the table. 😉
  • Lavva dairy-free yogurt – To be honest, I don’t love most of the dairy-free yogurts on the market. I find that many have a weird aftertaste and equally weird list of ingredients, which is why I was stoked to discover Lavva. Lavva’s dairy free yogurt is made with coconut and pili nuts (full of good for your gut prebiotic fiber!), has no added sugars and it tastes amazing.

New Chapter

  • New Chapter supplements – With the amount of travel I’ve been doing the past few months for touring Thin From Within, I’ve been making it a priority to take my supplements to support my body’s ability to handle stress. I’ve been recommending New Chapter supplements to my clients for years because they’re are fermented which means your body is much more able to absorb the nutrients from the supplements. I love their whole line but have really been digging the booster powders and Women’s Daily Multi lately.
  • Outdoor Voices workout gear – Outdoor Voices makes workout gear that makes you feel beautiful and is also super functional. Seriously there is something about their sets (matching bra tops and bottoms) that make me feel like I can take on the world. Plus, they go from street to studio easily (you’ll often find me and Emily wearing our matching pants working from coffee shops during the week). I also think they really celebrate every body type and make you feel confident and beautiful, they really nailed it with everything in this line! Use this link to get $20 off your purchase of $100 or more.

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