October 9, 2017

Why finding this is crucial to success

I receive emails almost weekly from IIN graduates, bloggers, and budding health coaches asking me how I’ve built a successful and sustainable business in the wellness world. Today I’m sharing a recent revelation I had as to what exactly has made my coaching practice thrive for almost 9 years. If you’re not a coach or small business owner, my “aha” moment will also help you find success in your health goals, so keep reading.

Sometimes I don’t give myself enough credit (raise a virtual hand if this is you too!), I am a successful business owner: I run a six figure coaching practice where I help my clients lose stubborn weight, gain energy and (most importantly) finally feel comfortable and happy in their bodies, and in their lives. I’m a best selling author with my second book going to print as I type this. I host retreats and workshops, speak on behalf of brands that I love, and get to participate in trainings and seminars that fire up that nerdy, want to grow side of me.

I know many people in the wellness world, especially women especially, who are afraid to own their worth. This is me too! It actually made me uncomfortable writing the paragraph above because I felt like I was bragging.

We think that money or profit and spirituality or purpose don’t go together, that if we focus on the bottom line, our authenticity will be tainted. Or, since we are “doing good” that we don’t need to worry about money.

While money is not everything, it does make a lot more possible. And, taking it a step further, when you make good money, you’re able to bring your work to the world in a bigger and more impactful way.

This is a powerful lesson that I was reminded of last week when I watched my dear friend Pedram Shojai’s newest documentary, Prosperity.

In the film Whole Foods CEO John Mackey compares the role of money in business to red blood cells in our body. He says,

“The body makes red blood cells. If I stop making red blood cells, I will die shortly. This doesn’t mean that the purpose of the body is to make red blood cells. The same is true with business and profit. The purpose of a business is not to make profit, but profit allows the business to pursue it’s mission or vision.”

The film “Prosperity” takes a look at how companies are using new business techniques to bring together passion, purpose and profits for the benefit of all. Pedram interviews executives like John Mackey who have started and grown passion-driven businesses with great monetary success. This film reminded me the importance of having a clear vision and of providing a service that makes the world a better place in some way, big or small.

I know this is one of the reasons why I have been successful. I’m regularly checking in with myself and my team by asking the following questions:

  • What does this program offer and how can we make it more impactful for our clients?
  • What am I passionate about sharing? What’s firing me up right now?
  • How can we make this more fun?

Whether you are a small business owner, Fortune 500 executive, or single gal working a 9-5, you too can use these questions to find real prosperity in your career and in your life.

If this story sparked anything inside of you, I encourage you to check out Prosperity. Not only was it super interesting for me to watch as a business owner, but also as a consumer who’s mindful of the brands and products I vote for with my dollar.

Here’s the deal: Prosperity is available to watch 100% FREE for 10 days and 10 days only… and I’m personally inviting you to see this exclusive screening with me. After that, it will be shown in select theaters across the country, but now’s your chance to watch it from home for FREE!

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