March 30, 2022

Ready to listen to your gut and become a health coach?

It’s my business’ bat mitzvah year! Your Healthiest You officially turns 13! It’s been over a decade of going with my gut professionally. And it all started with knowing the Institute for Integrative Nutrition was the right move for me. I had no idea where I’d end up or what I wanted to do, but knew that I had to do it. Now I’m speaking at the IIN Conference again in Miami this May. So wild! Listen to those gut feelings, friends!

Have you been hearing the call to become a health coach? I want to encourage you to listen to it.

Just like YHY has grown so has IIN. They just relaunched their class structure so it will be an app so you can learn online from anywhere in the world on your own time. The school teaches you how to work with clients one-on-one, run group programs, and hold workshops. It’s such a good mix of nutrition, spirituality, and business, and you get classes from my girls Gabby Bernstein and Melissa Wood as well as Deepak Chopra. Your education will empower you to transform your health and happiness and launch a fulfilling new career so you can make money doing the work you love – just like I have! I feel so fortunate every day to be a PT SAHM AND run a successful multiple 6 figure business (plus all my travel, events, and SPACE in my life!). 

So if you love-love food, want to help people live healthier happier lives, and you want to be your own boss, I highly recommend signing up now. You can click here  to learn more about my experience with IIN.

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