July 25, 2013

Self-Care for Busy Times in Business

[This is a guest post from Emily Kristofferson.]

If you have your own business and you’re preparing to launch a program or service or product, it’s a time when you’ll need a lot of outward energy. If you really want to be successful as an entrepreneur, you’ll need to get very good at maintaining and recharging your energy.

Whether you are preparing to launch or in full launch mode, it’s important to take a step back to do other things… including taking care of yourself.

In order to maintain your energy, here are some helpful tips:

You don’t need to do all of them to see a difference. Just trust your intuition. Pick one for a day, or the next week, or even the next month, and do that one.


1.  Have someone to talk to who really, really gets it! This could be a coach, accountability buddy or another entrepreneurial friend. It’s important to talk with someone who you are sure understands. Even a brief conversation can keep you moving forward in a positive way.

2.  Fuel yourself… you know you should be doing it, but it’s so easy to push aside when you’re super busy and have a long list of to dos.

Sleep – make this a priority and stick to it! An exhausted mind and body doesn’t lead to focus, productivity, creative, energy. Don’t try to go to bed right after looking at your bright computer screen. Also, leave your devices on your desk. They are not soft and cuddly, and do not belong in your bed.

Eat – Okay, I’ll admit I am guilty of sometimes working through lunch, rationalizing that I’ll get more done if I just continue. But, several hours later I realize I am absolutely starving! Don’t do this! It’s a trap! Take a break to stop and eat, even if you have to set a timer or send yourself a reminder email, to prompt you to do so. (Eating at your computer does not qualify as a break!)

Exercise – Find something you enjoy and do it regularly. And it’s so important that you don’t give this up when you get busy. Just 30 minutes is enough to get the benefits.

3.  Have some fun! – Take time to connect with friends/family. It might seem hard to step back when you’re launching. But if you do, when you come back to your work, you will be more creative and more productive.

4.  Nurture yourself – Most people think of “pampering” when they hear the term “self-care”, but it doesn’t have to be elaborate, expensive or even time-consuming. It’s about taking some quiet time for yourself. Take a long walk. Have a relaxing bath. Play your favourite music and dance. Light a candle and snuggle up with a good book. Even just fifteen minutes each day will help you to be so much more efficient when you return to your work.

5.  Spiritual practice – This can go beyond meditation. It could be setting a morning intention, connecting with nature, affirmations, prayer, silence or deep breathing. My favorite is the idea of a gratitude journal; reflecting on what you are grateful for and why. It helps keep me grounded. Taking care of your spirit can help you to see the bigger picture, have more clarity/focus, and even improve your mood.

When you are doing work you love and enjoy, I know that it can be hard to do anything else. But you will be so much more successful in your launch and your business if you do other things too. I promise. And this is as much a reminder to me, as it is a suggestion to you.

“Health is certainly more valuable than money, because it is by health that money is procured.” – Samuel Johnson


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