February 6, 2020

She Didn’t Know She Needed This

When Jayne Williams first came to me for private coaching, she was already walking the wellness entrepreneur walk: she had a full schedule of 1:1 coaching clients, a rapidly growing supplement line partnership that was providing her with incredible opportunities, and she had even created a group coaching program.

Jayne had built amazing relationships within her local Florida community which kept clients and opportunities coming in (I did not have to teach this woman how to network!), however, what she really wanted was to take her business online so she could reach even more people and gain more freedom around her time and schedule.

Jayne wanted to “up-level” her business and it’s been incredible to see her do just that over the last year, through our work together 1:1 and her participation in my high-level group coaching program, The Rockstar Coaching Collective.

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I can talk (err write) all about Jayne and what I’ve seen as our successes in our work together, but instead today I wanted to share her perspective. So we met up on Zoom (the video conferencing service I hold my 1:1 and Rockstar calls on) and I asked her a few questions on her experience.

Keep reading to hear from my rockstar client, Jayne, on her experience working with my 1:1 the last year, plus a special opportunity to learn from Jayne.

Jayne and I getting down to business during her Your Year retreat

RY: Why did you decide to work with a coach, and why my Your Year program specifically?

JW: I’m a firm believer that every coach needs a coach and that one of the best things you can do for your own growth is to align yourself with someone who is doing what you want to do.

When I started following you, I saw a lot of similarities in our health philosophies and I was so inspired by how you’d grown your business from doing mostly 1:1 coaching to running different group programs, speaking and even writing two best-selling books.

I wanted many of the same things for me, and so I thought “Who better to learn from than Robyn?”

I loved the structure of the Your Year program because it gave us a lot of 1:1 time together, which I needed to shake out and take action on my goals. I also liked that joining Rockstar was a part of the program – the women in that group have been beyond supportive of my growth and some of my biggest cheerleaders!

Rockstar immersion weekend

RY: What has been the biggest outcome of our work together?

JW: Beyond all the practical business advice, you helped me dial into me and connect with my intuition. I didn’t know at the time that this is what I really needed but looking back it’s clear to me that something bigger than just my marketing language needed to change if I truly wanted to grow my business and have the impact that I want and know I’m able to have

I needed to do some really deep inner work in order to be able to tap into that inner wisdom, and then go out into the world in this new way.

For a few months I didn’t see the progress and it was really frustrating (which is also why I’m glad we had more than just a few months together!) Then a shift happened and wow!

Here are some of  huge wins that have happened in my business and my life since then:

  • I was featured on Goop’s hotlist
  • I was featured on the Today Show
  • Speaking opportunities I’m really excited about are in the works
  • And I’m launching an amazing group program, The Nourished Body – and it feels aligned and supported

I’m really proud of what I’ve created.

I went into our work together with a certain expectation (mostly with growth in terms of #s and $$) but learned that sometimes you get something even better when you trust the process and breathe into the knowing that there is something so much bigger at play.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Jayne on KTLA!

RY: How has The Rockstar Coaching Collective helped you over the past year?

JW: I believe wholeheartedly in community, and in fact, it’s something I’m working to cultivate through my new group coaching program and future events. You truly can’t level up without a supportive, uplifting community around you. Being surrounded by other women who are lifting each other up and want to move to the next level in their lives is so incredible.

RY: What are you up to now?

JW: My passion is empowering women with the tools they need to be successful in their lives and their businesses. I’m a cheerleader at heart and I jump on any opportunity I get to empower people, be that coaching, speaking or connecting through an event or group.

I still do some 1:1 coaching with women who are new to the health and wellness space and are trying to find their way, building their businesses, and finding their niche.

What’s lighting me up the most right now is my new group health coaching program, The Nourished Body.

This online program is a revolutionary four-pronged approach to transformation. Each week you’ll learn about different topics that are essential for making life long changes. We are going to get to the bottom of what’s holding you back from making healthy choices and living your best life, and begin making those changes in just 28 days.

I’m so excited for this program as it’s a more accessible way for me to reach more people! I’ve seen the incredible power of group coaching through my experience with you and Rockstar, and I can’t wait to bring my version of this into the world through The Nourished Body.

​​​​​​​Wow. Thank you, Jayne, for sharing – it’s been such a joy to support your inner and outer growth this past year. I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for you – many amazing things, I know for sure!

To learn more about Jayne and her work:

I’m not currently taking 1:1 coaching client at this time, but if you’re interested in working with me (while getting the incredible support of an amazing community), I’d love to share more details about my group coaching program, The Rockstar Coaching Collective with you.

And congrats again Jayne! You’re amazing!

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