December 25, 2014

Some of my top tips you can read in transit :)

First, Merry Christmas to all that celebrate! Tell Santa I say hi (he is Chanukah Harry’s cousin after all! Well at least according to me…) and remind him to try to go easy on the cookies this year 🙂

I’m sure as the new year approaches many of you are eager to get on board with upgrading your healthy living habits (AFTER you eat all the holiday cookies obviously ;). I know feeling like you need to learn it all or being overwhelmed by where to start can be the very reasons that keep you from starting, so I want to break it down into one simple tip for you today and for the next couple of weeks – it’s all about your mindset.

When it comes to living your healthiest you, it’s less about how much you know and more about your frame of mind.

Without the I can attitude and I am beliefs, knowing that there are five types of kale really doesn’t get you very far.


I’m excited to share that I was recently the featured in the Huffington Post where I give readers my top five tips {this is what I start all my clients out with!} to get your mind on board with your healthy vision. These not to be missed tips lay the foundation for you to explore your new healthy you with ease, from that place where you breathe deeply and feel naturally inspired.

Let me know which tip you connect with the most in the comments section of the article and be sure to Like it and share it on Twitter!

Happy happy holidays!

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