October 5, 2015

Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital [+ special bonuses from me!]

Every one of us has a leader inside us, whether it’s in a personal capacity (as a parent, sports coach, spiritual leader), or in a professional capacity (as a business manager, health coach, fitness instructor) or both! We all have moments in our days when we need to connect to that inner leader, that part of us that’s ready to step up and show the way.

When I think about being the best leader I can be it’s impossible not to think about my friend Gabby Bernstein. I’ve been fortunate enough to take her Spirit Junkie Masterclass courses, which have not only made me a better leader, but also a better coach and a better friend. Through Gabby’s course guidance, I’ve been able to release my own inner critic and have learned to show up in a much bigger way.

Previously the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 1 and Level 2 programs (both of which I’m a graduate of) were only open to people who could attend the live event. Now it’s open to everyone! Hooray!

Think you may be interested? Here’s what you need to know:

Who is Gabrielle Bernstein?

Gabby is a New York Times bestselling author, motivational speaker and the founder of the incredible Spirit Junkie Masterclass training, where she teaches others to build a massively successful career through their healing work.  She’s also a dear friend and inspiration to me!



What is Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital and who is it for?

  • An 8-week online training course taught by Gabrielle Bernstein for coaches, trainers, teachers and healers — or ANYONE who has the desire to spread a powerful message in the world through their work
  • A course that gives you the tools to elevate your brand, take your business to the next level, and serve the world
  • Step-by-step guidance on the practicalities of running a business, building your public speaking platform, leading large groups, publicizing your brand, publishing books and much more
  • This course caters to your personal learning style so you can follow it through video, audio or transcription
  • A life-changing, game-changing experience!


What You’ll Learn In Spirit Junkie Masterclass:

  • How to step into your power as an authentic leader
  • How your personal life story can help others
  • How to create inspired content, books, digital courses and more
  • How to earn abundant money for your healing work (and be unapologetic about your earning capacity)
  • Gabby will give you the play-by-play of how she created her incredible career, helping millions of people and building a hugely successful business

How Gabby + Spirit Junkie Masterclass made me a better leader:

  1. I learned to tell my authentic story – the more I shared about my own, real life (experiences, struggles, etc), the more I found people who needed my guidance.
  2. I learned to trust that it’s not all up to me All the knowledge I need is within me and flowing to me. All you have to do is tap into it! When I remember this, I am calmer and more centered and WAY more likely hear those nuggets of wisdom to share, or they naturally come through during the perfect moment. Yep, it’s out there and yep, IT WORKS.
  3. I learned to share my imperfections – Like I used to learn in acting class, don’t bump into the table and pretend you didn’t! Always make it part of your work. If you follow me on social media, you know that have my moments when I just say “eff-it” to my normal non-negotiables. I share what happened, and what I learned, and don’t let the fear of imperfection stop me from speaking my message.

Learn more about Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital and if it’s for you.

If you missed the free training videos Gabby released over the last couple of weeks, here they are – this will give you a great sense of the concepts you’ll learn in Spirit Junkie Masterclass.

  • Video 1: Stop Holding Yourself Back From Following Your Purpose
  • Video 2: Turn Your Purpose Into Your Paycheck
  • Video 3: Attract Media Coverage For Your Message

PLUS – If you enroll in Spirit Junkie Masterclass using my link, you’ll receive some super special bonuses from me!

Here’s what you’ll receive when registering (be sure to sign up through this link so I’m notified!):

  • Thin From Within Essentials Video – a full one-hour foundational workshop covering digestion, how to tuneinto your body and my secret no-fail feel better now tip – $197 value
  • The Rockstar Roadmap – my 6-week virtual health coaching program – $399 value
  • Your Healthiest You Membership Program – $194 value

You’ll receive this brand *new* program for 2 months to include

  • One group coaching call per month and recording
  • One monthly coaching focused topic guide (such as mindful eating or morning practices)
  • Exclusive YHY Community Facebook group where you’ll receive advice, inspiration, and support!
  • 50% off NYC Immersion Day – a day where we will dive deep into digestion, detox, and cooking – $497 value Save the date – October 18th! (Virtual option too)

PLUS: The first 5 people to enroll in Spirit Junkie Masterclass will receive a 20-minute laser coaching session with me ($200 value)! <— 3 SPOTS LEFT!

That’s over $1,000 worth of goodies from me when you sign up for Spirit Junkie Masterclass. Wow!

Enroll in Spirit Junkie Masterclass here!

Have questions about my personal experience with this course or curious if it’s right for you? Feel free to shoot me a direct email to [email protected].

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