June 17, 2013

Spring Fling’ed Foods

Spring Fling'edSpring is officially in the air and I’m sure no matter where you live you’ll be welcoming the warmer temperatures, longer days and bounty of fresh vegetables. Another thing we typically welcome this time of year? Booze. Yup, booze.  Sidewalk brunching, Friday happy hours, and Saturday night festivities seem to blossom in full force along with the first flowers. We all come out of hibernation and tend to make lots of plans that often involve a cocktail or two. So for this month’s Food of the Month I’m taking you in a slightly different and unexpected direction. To help your body enjoy the party without the dreaded hangover or regrets the next day I’m covering the best foods to eat before, during and after anytime of libatious indulgence. And of course, eat and drink responsibly. :)

Best Foods to Eat Before a Night Out: You’ll want to eat something substantial but not too heavy. Grilled proteins like fish or chicken with veggies, a veggie burger with a salad, baked falafel, pressed sandwich on whole grain bread with veggies and quinoa salads are all great options. Even an updated PB and J, ideally with almond butter and all natural fruit spread.

Best Late Night Snacks to Curb Your Hangover: Beat the next day blues by flooding your body with the nutrients it needs before heading off to bed. Bananas are your best bet, have one to help replenish your potassium levels. Another great choice? Coconut. “Nature’s Gatorade” will have you feeling like yourself in no time. Pineapple would be another great tropical fruit to reach for. Rich in bromelain and other digestive enzymes pineapple helps your belly process the booze. Additionally, pineapple is great for soothing inflammation and rehydrating your system. If you find yourself headed for the dinner sweet potatoes will be your best bet. Baked sweet potatoes would be best but I won’t tell if they arrive in French fry form. Rich in B vitamins sweet potatoes will nourish your nervous system.

After a Night Out: More foods rich in B vitamins so brown rice dishes like vegetable stir-frys and even hummus! Tahini is rich in amino acids which help your body wake up on the right side of the bed. If you need an option to help calm for your stomach, oats are going to be a better choice than a greasy breakfast. Also rich in B vitamins, they’ll fill an empty tummy and help you feel balanced again. Add walnuts, sliced banana and a drizzle of honey for some minerals and natural sugar replenishment. Remember having fun is awesome but knowing how to keep yourself feeling great makes it oh so much better.   This article was originally written for and published by the on-line Magazine Bella Life. Cheers!

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