April 10, 2013

Spring Lighten Up: Raw Veggies

One of the quickest ways to begin feeling lighter and leaner is by increasing the amount of raw veggies you typically consume. Add a big leafy salad to dinner (even if you’ve had one for lunch) and start snacking on raw veggies. Luckily the supermarkets and health food stores are making this task even easier. Pre-chopped or mini veggies are everywhere these days and I’m totally in love. Some of my favorites include mini sweet peppers (did you know that peppers have more Vitamin C than oranges?), ready to be steamed green beans (skip the steaming part) and trays of mini cucumbers. None of which require any prep or chopping. Just rinse, throw in a Ziploc bag and go!

spring veggies

Get Your Green Juice On

Another way to add in some more raw veggie love? Grab a green juice. In this quick video I did for Your Bella Life’s Burst TV, you can learn more about the benefits of getting your green juice on.

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Happy Spring!

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