June 2, 2023

You’re Invited To A Summer Kick Off Party

I had a big thought this past week – what if we decided right now that this was going to be our best summer ever? Because it’s June and almost officially summer now omg

Do you have a sense of what that could even look like? What it would feel like? And most importantly, what your mind, body, and spirit would need for that to happen? 

I want this for you because I want it for me too.

I want us all to have our most fun, most fabulous, most fulfilling summer… ever. 

Not maybe someday, but YES, this year, this season. No matter what you’ve got going on. 

If there’s one thing I know for sure it’s how to live the sh*t out of my life. I know how to have fun. And what I didn’t realize until recently is that this isn’t just a trait I inherited along with my feisty red hair… it’s a SKILL you can learn.

summer kickoff party

We’ll gather and create our vision together and I’ll share some of my favorite tools for making your best life actually happen this summer. 

When: Wednesday, June 21st
Where: Held LIVE via Zoom (link will be sent out via email, make sure you’re subscribed!)
Investment: No club fee for this party, just make sure you love what you’re wearing. No outfit is too bold. 

Start planning your outfit now because this workshop is going to be a PARTY! A REAL ONE. 

I have so much to share and celebrate with you – can’t wait!

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