March 23, 2015

The Scoop on Supplements [ + My Personal List! ]

There’s a lot of debate over supplements. Some people swear by them, while many others consider them “lazy man’s nutrition,” or claim they’re ineffective. But if you’re looking a little health insurance (the real kind!), there is honestly no better way to ensure you’re getting all the nutrients you need than by taking some vitamins. Trust me though, I know that shopping for supplements can be WAAAYY overwhelming. I, too, used to get lost in those alphabetized isles.

So today I’m sharing my personal vitamin ‘shopping list.’ Some days I take all of them, some days none. Most days however I’m somewhere in the middle, or occasionally cycling in a new one.

But overall, here are my personal daily staples:

  1. Probiotics – Essential for a healthy (and happy!) gut. You will need to rotate the ones you take to make sure you’re covered with all the strains of bacteria you want. I recommend Xymogen Probio Max Plus DF, Premier Research Labs or Garden of Life Primal Defense (none of these need to be refrigerated).
  2. Vitamin D3 – Boosts bone health, weight loss and fights depression. Take between 6,000 and 10,000 IUs, way more than the label says but this is the needed amount! I take Nature’s Answer but I’m not married to the brand.
  3. B12 or B complex – Supports healthy nerve functioning and gives a little boost of energy. I take the one from Innate Response B complex, sometimes I’ll rotate in B12 drops from Premier research labs (or take both!)
  4. L-glutamine – Take this after working out, to relieve an upset stomach or to reduce sugar cravings, it also heals the digestive tract boosting your digestive process. I recommend powder instead of capsules. I use Jarrow, it’s easy to find and inexpensive.
  5. Magnesium – At night, I’ll mix Natural Calm with Xymogen probiotic powder. It’s relaxing, good for your body, sleep and digestion.
  6. N.A.C. – When you’re drinking alcohol it helps your body metabolize the booze. But I obviously never drink. :p
  7. Perika from Nature’s Way – Great for mood balancing, I call these my “crazy pills”. Kind of like prozac but waaaay waaaaay milder, and good for you (and your brain!). Do not take if you are taking any prescribed mood stabilizing medication.
  8. Digestive Enzymes – If you’re still struggling with bloating around food, these are great to take before meals. Digestive enzymes help break up your food so your belly doesn’t have to do all the work. Try my favorite brand here.

Hope that helps and remember, ALWAYS order your supplements online unless you need something immediately. or (no minimum and no shipping charge) are great places to start, and I always price compare between the two sites.

Comments? Questions? Just want to celebrate getting over supplement confusion? Comment below, pop on over to my Facebook wall or take a pic of your new supplements and show me via Instagram @robynyoukilis and with the hashtag #yourhealthiestyou.

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