August 5, 2016

Bloating, pooping and energy, oh my! {The View Recap + Recipes!!}

My favorite recipes and easy-to-follow tips to beat belly bloat

From my website launch on Monday, to my segment on The View on Wednesday, it’s definitely been a wild {and awesome and overwhelming 😉 } week! Today I’m reflecting and wanted to recap the tips and recipes that I shared during Wednesday’s segment, plus the link to where you can catch the recording, in case you weren’t able to watch the show live!

Here are my top tips from Go with Your Gut that I shared on The View:

How to beat belly bloat…

  • Chew your food! Bloating is the distention of the abdomen and can be caused by any number of reasons from hormones to drinking fizzy drinks to gum, but most typically it’s gas from undigested food! (I know, so sexy!). So, hmmm, you may ask… how did all that undigested food get there? We eat too fast and too much. The most effective way to calm down and slow down around food is to focus on your chewing. Chew each bite 20-30 times, or until the food turns to liquid in your mouth.
  • Simplify your meals – Too much of a good thing (even all the healthy foods) is still too much! The easiest way to unburden your digestive system and figure out which foods make you feel amazing and which don’t is to simplify your meals. I call this the Rule of 5: Eat no more than five different foods at any given meal. Simple doesn’t have to mean bland or boring! One of my favorite recipes from Go with Your Gut that follows the Rule of 5 is this burger: Go with Your Gut Burger Recipe.

How to have easy, comfy regularity {yep, we’re talking about pooping!}…

  • Water! Drink 24 oz as soon as you wake up! If your poop is a boat, how can it travel without a full, flowing river? Yep! We need that big flood first thing in the am (before the coffee or the breakfast) to get our digestive systems going. I suggest these giant 24 ounce Mason jars – You can keep them on your nightstand with or without a lid, that way it’s right there for you when you wake up. I also love these straws, they make drinking more fun and help you drink more faster
  • Eat your probiotics! We want to populate our guts with good bacteria (probiotics!). Supplements can be great (that over the counter probiotic) but eating fermented foods can be more effective for getting your body to go more. Actually, in lab studies it was found that one 16 oz jar of sauerkraut was equal to 8 bottles of probiotics! Wow! You can purchase raw sauerkraut at most grocery or health foods store (it should be refrigerated, and should not contain vinegar as one of the ingredients) OR you can make your own! Here’s my super simple recipe: Sauerkraut Recipe {and then use that sauerkraut to whip up some Upgraded Avocado Toast}

How to get out-of-this-world energy {without coffee, sugar or crazy supplements}…

  • Heal your gut! The more energy your body has to spend digesting food (i.e. if you are not chewing and eating gut healthy foods) the less energy YOU have to live your life! If you’re off down there, likely things are off everywhere else. Our jobs, our relationships, that extra magic of who are being in this world. Our intuition gets clouded, everything can feel foggy and hazy.
  • Add in more gut healing foods – In addition to the tips and recipes already mentioned, there are two super foods when it comes to healing your gut: gelatin and bone broth.
    • Gelatin – Gelatin heals the lining of the gut, meaning you can absorb more nutrients and vitamins from your food and pass more easily what your body doesn’t need. So what do you do with gelatin? Make my Good Gut Gummies – kids love ‘em and they are a perfect after lunch (or dinner) sweet treat.
    • Bone broth – Here’s why bone broth is so healing – the collagen that breaks down from the connective tissue of the bones simmered to make broth helps heal the lining of the gut. Sip a cup like you would hot tea or coffee, or swap for stock in your favorite soup recipes.

Missed the show? No worries! Head here to watch the full segment recording: The View / August 3rd, 2016

beat belly bloat tips

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