June 1, 2015

This Just Blew My Mind . . .

[Getting my fermentation on at home!]
Hope you had a wonderful weekend! If you follow me on Instagram you know I’ve spent the last week at Ashevillage learning the ins and outs of fermentation. Now you probably don’t believe me but this is a preetttyyyy big deal. As much as I love sauerkraut (as I’m sure you know!) it’s always been a bit challenging for me to make in my own kitchen. That’s why when I returned to New York totally confident that I’d be whipping up not only one, but over 7 different kinds of fermented goodness this summer – well, it just blew my mind! And that got me thinking . . . how often do I make the effort to surprise myself with just how much I can do? Not often enough!  

Regardless of outcome, taking risks and trying new things always leads to growth. {tweet that!} Six years ago it was a stretch to think I’d have a thriving health coaching practice based out of New York City. Today I couldn’t imagine anything else but being a wellness entrepeneur. Two weeks ago, I didn’t think making sauerkraut would feel easy, but here I am. It’s not about the kraut, it’s about the confidence and just saying “Let’s do this!” even when I’m scared.

So today, on this first day of June, I want to challenge you to commit to doing something you never thought you could (you’ve got 30 days, GO!). Whether it’s trying a new workout class, taking a solo vacation or finally losing that last 5 pounds, head on over to my Facebook page and fill me in, because everything is better with support. And remember, we all deserve to blow our own minds every once in a while. 

PS. The women in my signature program Thin From Within experience mind-blowing shifts on the regular. From effortless weight loss to deeper relationships, better sex and just a greater sense of general well-being, it’s truly magical. So if you’re still thinking about joining our community this summer, fill out the application today. Time’s almost up and we’d love to have you!

“Robyn has replaced my fear with positive reflection and opened my eyes to a truly healthy lifestyle that has made meal time fun & exciting. I have never felt as physically and mentally incredible as I have since working with Robyn.” ~ Samantha Wilensky 

“She reaches all levels . . . and gets to the root of the issue with love and precision. Go big or go home, take charge of your health and your life, Robyn will provide you with the tools to get this done.” ~ Meghan Fitzpatrick 

“I find myself meditating, going for walks instead of hitting the couch, and snacking on kimchi. Not because I “need” to do this, it’s because my mind and body “want” to do this. The unconscious desire to take care of myself is evidence of my new found love for my body. This I never would have uncovered if not for Robbyn.” ~ Mikayla Sciscente


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