April 10, 2014

This must stop

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I know. Probably not who you were thinking. If my body were to write me a letter right now, sadly, I think this is what she would write. Would yours write something similar?

In all my work, I still have moments (i.e. when trying on shorts) when I give my body a hard time. Sometimes I’m mean, but most of the time it’s more of a harmless joke. But if you made a “joke” about a 6 year old’s thighs, would it be funny? Would everyone laugh? Probably not.

Somehow the little comments, the little jokes have started to become okay. I’ve heard it from myself and I’ve heard it from my colleagues in the wellness community. I’ve tried to practice “radical self-love” but my brain doesn’t process “out there” terminology that feels like something I’m just striving for without truly understanding it.

Plus, my brain (secretly or not-so-secretly) is deeply and intuitively a “New Yorker”. This means that no matter how many times I wave the positivity wand I’ll likely prefer the sarcastic and slightly negative (although from a place of love!).

I needed to start with the negative to tell myself to stop doing something before I could embrace what would go in it’s place.

So I came up with the phrase “NOBOBA”.

It stands for “no body bashing”. I plan to use it daily and often (I’ve already started).

I refuse to allow ANYTHING to pass that falls into the body bashing category such as, “my butt makes a nice pillow” or “my legs are strong, that’s why they’re on the bigger side”. I say NOBOBA out loud as often as I need to. These comments are “cute” but secretly, they’re mean.

It’s not enough though. **For real change, we need to start a campaign.** To spread the message as wide as humanly possible. Together we can support one another and take a stand for our own bodies.

Here’s how to join the campaign:

1. Write a letter to your body and post it in full or part on social media and share with the hashtag #NOBOBA and tag me @robynyoukilis on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook. It can be an apology; it can be about this campaign you’re starting on it’s behalf; it can be a love letter or any kind words you choose.

2. Start to use “NOBOBA” religiously. If you hear the slightest hint of a negative body comment you can say “NOBOBA” out loud or use the phrase in it’s entirety “no body bashing”. Not even a little is allowed!

3. Share if and when you feel compelled. I want to share this message in a massive way. We’re being bullies to our bodies, and it has to stop. I’ve made it super-simple: just click here to share on Twitter!

If you’re in, let’s start this today. Not tomorrow, today. Together.

I’ll be posting my letter on the YHY Facebook page later on. I can’t wait to read yours.

Lots of deep love and #NOBOBA!

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