November 2, 2015

Three Warming Breakfasts

As we move into the cooler months of the year it’s especially nice to have a warm breakfast option to fire up your digestive system and your whole body.

As I’ve shared before, choosing something warm in the morning was THE game changer for me – I used to make smoothies or green juices because I thought I needed something “light” for my iffy stomach. Rather than waking my gut up with cold liquid, it needed a cooked and grounding meal to get going; something that would really satisfy me, and not just for a couple hours.

Ready to switch up your breakfast game and ignite your day? Here are three warming breakfasts to FIRE UP your day! [Eat them then Tweet them!]

Apple Pie Breakfast – Close your eyes and take a bite – this breakfast seriously tastes like dessert, but won’t leave you with sugar hangover. Feel free to switch up the quinoa for another whole grain of choice like millet, amaranth, or oats.


1 apple, diced

1 tablespoon coconut oil

Dash cinnamon

¾ cup cooked quinoa

1 tablespoon hemp seeds (optional)


Heat coconut oil in a small pan. Once melted, add apple and cinnamon and saute until the apple begins to soften.

Top cooked quinoa with the warm apple mixture. Sprinkle with a little more cinnamon and (optional) hemp seeds.

Nori-Wrapped Egg Burrito – My Your Healthiest You twist on the classic breakfast burrito. Nori is mineral rich and packed with nutrients.

2 sheets of Nori (optional: toast over open flame till color turns green on each side)

2 eggs

½ avocado, sliced

Tamari or low sodium soy sauce

Sesame seeds

Sprouts or lettuce (optional)

1 tsp butter, coconut or olive oil


1. Heat butter or olive oil in a small non-stick pan over medium to low heat. Scramble eggs in a separate bowl then add to pan and season with salt and pepper. Finish scrambling the eggs until they’re cooked through and set aside.

2. Begin to assemble your “burrito” by taking one nori sheet and placing in the palm of your hand. Add half of the scrambled eggs, ¼ of the avocado slices and sprouts or lettuce if using.

3. Finish with a sprinkle of tamari and sesame seeds and wrap burrito style. They may be a bit messy at first but you’ll get the hang of it! You can also make an optional spicy dipping sauce with tamari, sesame oil and a squeeze of Sriracha. Enjoy!

Beets Me Juice [from my friend Jamie Graber’s new book Juice It, Blend It, Live It: Over 50 Easy Recipes to Energize, Detox, and Nourish Your Mind and Body] – Craving some delicious juice to go with your warm breakfast? This recipe from my dear friend Jamie of the famous NYC cafe Gingersnap’s Organic, is my favorite alkalizing and fiery juice recipe. Ginger is a warming spice so this veggie-packed drink will heat your insides up (even if it feels cool going down).

Gingersnaps Cookbook, June 2015.  Photos © John von Pamer.
Gingersnaps Cookbook, June 2015.
Photos © John von Pamer.

3 beets

3 carrots

4 stalks celery

1 thumb ginger


Wash ingredients thoroughly.

Juice it up and drink it down!

Want more awesome juice recipes plus smoothies, nut milks and some naturally cleansing and detoxifying foods? Grab your copy of Juice It, Blend It, Live It: Over 50 Easy Recipes to Energize, Detox, and Nourish Your Mind and Body on Amazon today!


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