March 26, 2024

Top 3 For Me Right Now

The change of seasons always makes me feel like life is extra nutso, and unfortunately I often match that with my own nutso energy. I have a harder time meditating, shutting my phone off at night, and slowing down in any real way. When I feel that go go go energy starting to gain momentum, and ultimately burn me out, I turn to these three SUPER RIDICULOUSLY BASIC things to focus on to sloooooww the eff down. So when it’s all swirling, whirling, you know where to put your energy into for easy self support:  

Hydrate. Even though I’m pretty good about starting my mornings with water and drinking throughout the day, it’s never a bad time to take a laaaarge swig to keep things flowing and going. If this feels hard for you, set reminders on your phone, download an app, buy the big tumbler – whatever will help you to keep hydrating throughout the day. We are chronically dehydrated and focusing on water makes me feel like I’m focusing on something achievable for my health and well being. 

Breathe. Taking even 5 minutes each day to sit in quiet and just BREATHE really helps ground me. Feeling my heartbeat, feeling my body, and tuning into my inner truth always gives me some extra support to move through the rest of my day. Trust me, just a few minutes can work wonders. (You can also check out this recent Guided Grounding session I did on IG too!)

Go outside. It’s still super cold here in the northeast, and bundling up is sometimes a pain (especially with kids), but leaving my apartment or office, feeling the sun shining on my face, and getting my body moving is a surefire way to reset my mood. Even if it’s just a few minutes, this new commitment has helped me so much.

Commitment time! What from my list above do you want to implement this week? Think about how you’ll feel once you start practicing these small but very effective habits into your life… Energized? Chilled out? More like YOU? What if these baby steps could lead to continuously prioritizing your self care and doing more things that light you up? 

Focusing on what you need is like a muscle you need to work daily, then it’s there to support you in so many deeper ways. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about new ways I can support YOU and your ultimate self-care. Since Mother’s Day is on the horizon I thought how cool would it be to create a brand new live self-care event just for you, Hot Mama! Think a full afternoon and evening of pampering, gifts, a gorgeous delicious meal, drinks and even DANCING. Would you want in? If so, sign up for the waitlist here

>> We’re still finalizing all the details, but it will be an intimate event and likely to sell out quickly, be sure to get on that waitlist for when first invites go out! <<

Because self care and yummy support is something we all deserve.


PS PS My dear friend Phoebe Lapine has done it again! Her new book Carbivore clears up decades of bad press and carb confusion and helps us understand that our favorite noodles, bread and potatoes can be part of a healthy diet. Her recipes are amazing and her knowledge is NEXT LEVEL . Grab your copy here!

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