April 11, 2012

Turn On Your Love Light!

Hi Everyone,

You’ve been doing all the work to create your absolute best self. And your mind, body, and spirit is transforming at the speed of light!

So why is finding an amazing romantic partner still such a challenge? How can you start attracting men that are truly of your caliber? And how can you show up on dates feeling like your most confident, radiant self?

My friend and Relationship Expert Kavita J Patel has some incredible techniques for allowing your true self to shine so that you attract men worthy of you. I invite you to join Kavita for her upcoming F-R-E-E tele-class where she will be teaching these techniques so you can…

Turn On Your Love Light!

Wednesday, April 11th  7:00 pm EST/ 4:00 pm PST

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Kavita is on a mission to make sure that you find the love you have been searching for. The bottom line is: you DESERVE IT. She has helped hundreds of women turn their love light on with the techniques she’ll be teaching you (at no cost!) during this class.

Give yourself the gift of experiencing what it feels like to have your Love Light shine bright, and watch how you begin to draw in men that are deserving of you!

Register here!


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