February 11, 2017

Valentine’s Day Treat Recipes!

Here are my go-to recipes for a few sweet treats just in time for Valentine’s Day! These healthy Valentine’s Day recipes are an “upgraded” version of classic indulgences so you can have your cake {or chocolate, or cookies} and eat it too.

Because shocker – even I’m not all fermented foods and power parfaits ALL of the time {although you wouldn’t know it from my Instagram feed}. I still like to get my sweets on too but I find that choosing an upgraded version just feels better for my body.

One thing to note – I honestly don’t cook or bake a lot of “treats” myself which is why I don’t have an arsenal of recipes to share in this department. The truth is, if they’re in the house, I’m likely to overeat them so I’m very careful to select the right recipe that isn’t overly sweet and either gift them {isn’t food the way to everyone’s heart?!}, or put half the batch in freezer for later.

Coconut Chewies from Go with Your Gut – Half macaroon, half cookie, these have the added benefit of omega rich real coconut. They’re super easy to make and also freeze well so if you aren’t going to share ‘em, stash ‘em in the freezer for another day.

Chocolate Cake from Go with Your Gut – This cake is gluten and refined sugar free, but you would never guess by tasting it. Make this into cupcakes for a fun, share-able {and portion-controlled} option!

Chocolate Superfood Fudge – This is my girl Emily’s super simple homemade fudge recipe {really, it’s easy, you make it in your blender!}

Make one of these recipes? Post a photo to Instagram and tag me @RobynYoukilis <3

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