September 25, 2018

We All Need Support

This week my friend Gabby Bernstein shared a very personal and very informative blog post all about gut health, including her experience with SIBO, gut inflammation, GERD and more. As Gabby is one of my closest friends, I’ve been aware of her gut issues the past few years, and she’s come to me for advice, recipes and moral support throughout her healing process.

Reading through this post reminded me that a LOT of people are struggling with chronic gut (and weight) issues, and many of those people are drinking bone broth, meditating and going to yoga on a regular basis. And while it’s amazing that the internet exists with blogs, digital courses and ready-to-go meal plans for any diet, sometimes that’s just not enough when it comes to truly changing habits and healing.

As Gabby shares in her blog post:

“I spent two months self-diagnosing on Google and … I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS. Please do not diagnose yourself based on this blog. I’m sharing my own experience so you can see what my own healing journey looked like, but yours might look different. So it’s really important to find a… team… and work with them!”

I want to reiterate this point: no matter how spiritual, well-researched and self aware you are, sometimes you need to bring in an expert (or a team of experts) to get to the bottom of whatever it is that you’re working through.

It’s tough to sift through all of the information out there, and it’s tough to know what’s working (and what’s not!) without structure, reflection and real accountability.

Here’s the real issue with tackling your healing or self improvement journey alone: We often give up when things get hard or life gets busy or we hit a plateau. We think we should be able to figure this out ourselves, or that there’s something we’re doing wrong and that’s why we can’t get rid of belly bloat, or excess weight or painful heartburn.

This doesn’t just apply to gut health, it’s anything you want to work on in your life. Maybe there’s a passion project you’ve been putting off working on, or finances that desperately need your attention. As I shared in Thin From Within, and as Gabby also reflects in her blog, all those other things play into how you feel in your body on a day-to-day basis.

If you know something’s up with your body – digestive issues, weight, whatever – and you haven’t been able to get to the bottom of it on your own, I want you to know it’s okay.

You’re not alone, and you don’t have to tackle this alone.

You’re not broken or to blame, you just need the right person or team to support you.

Photo: Caitlin Mitchell Studio

I’m thrilled to announce that after months and months of being fully booked, I have a few coaching spots opening up in October.

I have just 3 spots open – which will fill up quickly! – and you can apply for one of them here: Private Coaching with Robyn

I’ve helped thousands of women find the real reasons they’re holding onto extra weight, waking up exhausted, feeling anxious about work and relationships, and can’t remember the last time their digestion was regular (hint: it’s not just about the food they’re putting on their plates).

It’s never just about one thing – one supplement or superfood or daily practice. Finally feeling at home in your body is about looking at both the practical and emotional side of things. It’s about identifying what works for you, right now and having the accountability to shape your life so that more and more of the “shoulds” (the food choices, that passion project you want to start, the finances that need to get handled) actually happen.

If you’ve been struggling with your health or weight, or if you simply know that there is a brighter, shinier version of you ready to come through, I’d love to have the opportunity to support you.

Learn more about coaching with me + apply here: Private Coaching with Robyn

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