October 22, 2019

What This BIG Birthday Has Brought Up for Me

Speaking at IIN Live is something I’ve been visualizing since I was a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition 11 years ago.

I remember sitting in the audience at Lincoln Center watching all of the amazing speakers and thinking “I’m going to be on that stage one day”. And this past Saturday was that day. But even though it was a big dream of mine, it definitely wasn’t easy.

Preparing for that talk brought up all of my “stuff”. I found it so challenging to breathe through it, work through it, sleep through it. But I showed up and I trusted that everything I’ve done over the last 10 years had prepared me for this moment. That if I let go of what I thought I needed to say and just showed up to be in complete and total service, that would be enough.

Maybe it’s because of this huge personal goal that I accomplished or maybe it’s all the feelings my birthday is bringing up, but I gotta be honest, I’ve been feeling a little emo as I reflect on the last decade of my life.

Maybe you had an idea of my age, maybe you didn’t, but this Saturday I’ll be turning 40. People often think I’m younger. Like, much younger (thank you, I love you! ;)) I have a career that fuels my spirit, and SO much to be thankful for – a beautiful little girl, an amazing husband, two book babies, etc. 

But I want to talk about my age because yes, I’ve done and continue to do amazing things with my life, but I’ve been at this for quite some time. I’m not just starting out. For many many years in my business, I hustled. I showed up and gave free talks at Farmers Markets, I did hundreds (maybe thousands) of free intro sessions. I searched for meaning in my career. I lived in less than stellar apartments. I even kissed a couple (okay, a lot) of frogs.

So what I want to say is this: don’t compare your 30 to my 40 – or your life to mine at all for that matter. We are all unique individuals, with our own life purpose, and on our own journey. I got clearer on mine, I set big goals and I keep taking the next right step on the path to reaching them.

If becoming a health coach is something you’ve been thinking about, I encourage you to follow your next right step. IIN changed my life.

Enrollment is happening now and I have some major bonuses and a huge discount for you! Anyone who signs up for the next class (starting November 11!) gets:

  • $1,500 off tuition OR special interest-free payment plans as low as $199/mo. 

  • An invitation to an upcoming IIN Live Conference with reserved seating, backstage tour, and VIP mixer. 

  • Exclusive networking meet-up, lunch, and tour of IIN headquarters in New York City. 

  • Two live group coaching calls with an IIN Health Coach!

Since it’s my birthday this week I’m also throwing in an extra fun gift. In addition to the amazing bonuses being offered by the school and the usual ones we include, one lucky person who signs up for IIN between now and Nov 19th will receive a curated care package with some of my favorite things, including a 20 minute 1:1 laser coaching session with me!

If you want to check it out before taking the leap, I’d encourage you to take a sample class!

Have Questions? Give IIN a call at US: (844) 780-3300  International: +1 (212) 730-5433 or email [email protected]. Be sure to mention Robyn Youkilis as your referrer to get your savings and bonuses! 

And to celebrate? This week we’re in Paris, another dream of mine come true. You can follow our adventures (just my husband Scott and I! Navy is back home with grandma!) on my Instagram stories at www.instagram.com/Robyn-Youkilis

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