December 12, 2018

What This is All About

“I appreciate that you are so real. Like you’re the same on social media and here in real life. I appreciate that you share your imperfections and struggles with us. It makes me feel a little less alone.

This was one of the empowering takeaways from one of the women in my Rockstar Coaching Collective during our retreat this past weekend. As a coach and mom herself, it was powerful for her to see me sharing my flaws and silliness. This helped her realize that she wasn’t alone, with any of her feelings and that she could share and show up in her world just as she is – fears, insecurities and all.

There are many more layers to me than just what I share here and on social media;I too wrestle with uncertainty, discouragement and the sense that I’m not enough.

So if you’re looking at me thinking I have “this” figured out (mamahood, entrepreneurship, healthy living, whatever you look to me for), I want you to know that that’s just not true.

No one has life completely figured out.

The whole point of our human experience is to be human together. There’s no guarantee that if you follow a certain path you’ll be happy and content. And that’s true whether the goal you’re working towards is to be the first female litigation partner at your family’s law firm, or finding enlightenment through daily meditation, or meeting the man (or woman) of your dreams or living in a house on the beach.

We all are faced with difficult emotions and situations that make us question who we are, what we do and who we spend time with.

Especially in a day and age where so many share filtered versions of their lives with the world, it can be easy to lose site of the fact that no one is immune from these harder feelings.

In my experience I’ve found that the difference between living in that space of self doubt versus feeling like you can do this too, is having the right support.

I’ve shared before about how finding the right support has been crucial for my business, and my happiness.

And spending the weekend with the women in my Rockstar Coaching Collective further strengthened my belief in the power of support.

No matter who you are and what you do, you are a human.

As humans it’s essential that we put ourselves in consistent, mindful, supportive situations that remind us that it’s OKAY to feel what we feel so that we can do the scarier work.The work we know in our hearts and in our guts we were meant to do in this lifetime.

With the right support we can feel the fear and do it anyways – the real stuff that lifts us up, that connects us to our passion and purpose, which in turn lifts the energy of the people around you, and ultimately the world.

If there’s anything I learned from this weekend it’s tonever underestimate the power of people that see you, get you and can hold a vision for you when you’re unable to do that for yourself.

The right, regular support is truly priceless.

I shared on my Instagram on Friday that I had to go really in to prepare for this particular Rockstar retreat because I could feel the transformations waiting to happen. That there was a new level for all of us. More honesty, more laughter, more vulnerability, more tears and more transformation than ever before. And that’s exactly what went down.

40 amazing women (some joining virtually and energetically too) showed up for 2+ days of going deep and connecting to our intuition and purpose.And while we all came in with different life situations and feelings – disappointment, grief, worry, fear, joy, excitement and peace – we all came out feeling closer to ourselves, more okay with where we are, and more light around where we’re going.

Read more personal reflections from some of the Rockstars who participated in this weekend here:

Keep watching my IG stories this week for more shares from the Rockstar women!

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All my love,

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