November 8, 2013

What will your weekend look like?

photoWhen it comes to eating well and taking care of ourselves, weekends and especially holidays can often be a bust.

My best advice is to decide what your weekend is going to look like before it starts.

Do you need your weekend to reboot and eat healthfully? Or do you want to indulge at brunch and eat to your heart’s desire? A healthy mix of both? Either way, decide on Friday what your weekend will look like and stick to it. Beginning your weekend with a game plan will make it that much easier.

With the upcoming holiday season, I know that sticking to your plan can be a struggle, so I created my very own awesome eating and workout plan and I’m sharing it with you! Too much food and too many expectations can leave us feeling exhausted with pants that are too tight. This year, I want you to eat and enjoy!

I am gifting my plan to the next 5 people who sign up for The Rockstar Roadmap (and all the amazing women who have already joined me!).

In The Rockstar Roadmap, we’ll focus on the simple things to get you to your healthiest you. We’ll cover topics like digestion, cravings, energy, self-care and mindful eating. The program is designed for busy people to learn more about nutrition and wellness in a fun and functional way (with results galore).

The community of Rockstars is growing and now is your chance to join us on the journey to getting and staying healthy.

Get all the details and enroll here!

Have a great weekend!

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