September 26, 2013

You should watch this…

What do you do when you’re surrounded by unhealthy options at work? Do you find yourself mindlessly eating candy, cookies and leftover sandwiches and pizza?

I know you wish this were different.

I know you’re busy and you need the solution to be simple.

Good news. As part of my upcoming free video training series I’m going to be sharing exactly how to eat well no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Want a sneak peak? Here’s how you can pass on the Tootsie Roll bowl TODAY:

  1. Ask yourself why you’re choosing the food in front of you. Is it based on taste? A craving? Is it just what’s around?
  2. Take a moment to digest that information. Knowledge is everything.
  3. See if there’s a way you can upgrade! If it’s a sugary treat that you really want, upgrade to it’s best version you can find (think natural and recognizable ingredients). If you discover that it’s a break in your day or a boost of energy you’re craving, try taking a walk around the block or one minute of deep breathing (way better for your waistline AND your energy levels).  If you do chose to enjoy that food think about how you can really be present with it. Sit down. Put it on a plate (a shocking action). Take a breath before and then actually TASTE it!

Want more? Make sure you sign up for my completely FREE series where I dive deeper into emotional and practical solutions to getting healthy.

“Robyn showed me that making small changes over time really add up. It was easier and I was more successful in learning to eat well when I approached things her way.” – Katie

Here’s what I am covering:

  • The one thing you need to know to be able to eat healthy no matter how busy you are.
  • Three secrets to fending off your cravings – even in front of a plate of chips!
  • Four solid tools that will help you get to your healthiest weight without sacrifice (yes, YOU can do this)

Rockstar Roadmap

Go here and sign up now! The first video in the series drops in a few days!

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