March 20, 2016

Your CRAVINGS may be your best friends

Forget everything you’ve heard about CRAVINGS…

For decades, medicine and the weight loss experts have told us to ignore or fight our cravings (“just use more willpower!”) as the secret to health and happiness in our bodies.

Yet we feel less healthy and less happy with our bodies than ever!

Clearly, something isn’t adding up.

My good friend, bestselling author and co-creator of Super Size Me Alexandra Jamieson is on a mission to put us in the driver’s seat of our health and help us make friends with food in her upcoming event, Cure Your Cravings: 5 Keys To Feel Peace + Energy in Your Body, Once + For All.

In the Cure Your Cravings 3-part video series, Alex will reveal the hidden truths in your cravings, how they can help you go with your gut and discover which foods your body needs, how love your body — and what you can do right away to shift your mindset from stuck to motivated and inspired.

Here’s a look at what you’ll discover:

  • cravenutritional tips that answer your body’s missing mineral needs (so that you can easily pass on the chocolate and coffee at work)
  • hormonal balancing strategies you can use right away (so that you can end the up-and-down mood cycle and feel good naturally, with no prescriptions)
  • your body’s physical needs that get ignored by doctors and “weight loss experts”
  • simple food ideas to end your nutritional based cravings
  • the new science about gut bacteria and sugar cravings
  • the powerful growth mindset tools to help you feel inspired and motivated about any health goal – seriously, this one tip (the 3-letter word in video 3) is almost too easy + powerful!

This event airs [at no cost] online March 21-25th. But you have to RSVP to save your spot.

I’m so excited for you to get these insights – here’s to being your healthiest you!

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