April 13, 2023

Your Stories Matter

Last month I completed Gail Larsen’s intense level 2 speaking immersion (WOAH!) in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I came out of the experiences with two BIG takeaways that I couldn’t wait to share with you:

1- Your stories are everything. People can always argue with “facts” but they can’t argue your story. They can just listen and be brought into presence. Whether you’re teaching professionally or sharing with your loved ones, stories are what connect us and move our message out into the world. 

2- Transformation is bumpy AF, but that doesn’t mean you should stop. It’s actually in the bumps where the gold is. You have to breathe deeply, give yourself a chance to re-balance, and keep doing YOU!

I highly recommend Gail’s book, Transformational Speaking, if you’re interested in doing any professional speaking yourself, or simply curious about how to share more of your stories in a powerful way. 

Is there a takeaway here that was for you today? Leave a comment on this post! Would love to hear!

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