June 27, 2017

The 3 Surprising Foods I Feed My Toddler – Don’t Miss This Video!

Wow, the response to last week’s Facebook LIVE was incredible. What started out as a Q&A all about traveling with a little one ended up being a full “Ask Me Anything” on all things healthy baby and toddler. 

Here are a few things we covered:

  • When I introduced Navy to veggies and what she’s currently eating.

  • The surprising reason why I opted to not feed Navy jarred baby food.

  • Parenting philosophies that work for our family.

  • The story behind Navy’s name.

  • and more…


You’ll also see Navy try to feed ME, and hear her ask for a very ironic food on camera. Watch the video below:

While you are watching, you can ask questions to them either on Facebook or here on the orginal  blog postI’d love to hear if you found this Q&A useful, and what else you want to see me cover in the healthy baby world!

Also, if you are on Facebook and haven’t “Liked” my page, Your Healthiest You, do it! When you Like my page, you’ll receive notifications when I’m going Live – while it’s great to watch the replay, it’s SO much more fun when you join in real time!

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