January 27, 2023

3 Things Your Business Needs

I’ve been a successful wellness entrepreneur for 14 years. In that time, I’ve gone from carefree, music festival-hopping newlywed to mother-load managing mom of 2. 

I’ve moved, written 2 books (and counting!), starred in a TV show, experienced great loss, traveled coast to coast, built and rebuilt teams, and navigated many personal challenges.

And in all those 14 years? I never did something in my business I didn’t feel like doing.  

Even when things got bumpy.

Even through nursing newborns and preschool applications and color-coded calendars I’m still here. An OG wellness gal experiencing deep and true success in so many ways: my business has always been FUN, PROFITABLE, and unabashedly ME. 

There are actually 3 pieces of my business that I’ve always connected to to fuel me and keep me growing and going, even when things are intense:

1 – Wellness peeps 4 life – your support team! aka your colleagues/peers/cheerleaders.

I mentioned this in an email last week. Everything major I’ve experienced in my business was not from some business course. It’s because I’ve been on a couch with the right people! 

You can have all the tactics in the world — the right launch formulas, the right hashtags — but the thing that really moves the needle? The connections you’ve made, and keep for decades to come.

3 Things Your Business Needs

2 – Business nuts and bolts – the foundation of your thriving business! aka your house

Yes, a lot of my business decisions are intuitive. But there are some things in business that are tried and true, like the mechanics of a launch, pricing strategies, and timeless marketing principles.  

For these business nuts and bolts, I invested in the expertise of people who have failed over and over — and figured it out — so I wouldn’t have to. 

3 – Deeper healing and support – all the woo woo to work through all the feels

Sometimes what’s holding us back has nothing to do with the nuts and bolts of our business. It’s not your target market or your program upsells — but something in your subconscious that is keeping you stuck. 

When I began seeing deep healing as part of my business training, everything shifted. It helped me stay grounded, stay in my own energy, and keep showing up no matter what. 

The best part? Now you can have these three essential components too, with me in the Rockstar Business Mindset Mastermind. 

3 Things Your Business Needs

This Mastermind is for coaches and creative entrepreneurs ready to level up – and walk beside me in this industry. Each person will be uniquely selected for their gifts, vision and purpose + passion they bring to this world.

The group is small on purpose – 15 spaces, 6 of which have already been claimed. I’m SO impressed with this group already and will be sharing more about who’s “sitting at the table” with me this year in the Mastermind soon.

Learn more and apply to join by 2/1: 2023 Rockstar Business Mastermind

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