January 18, 2023

Are You A Coach or Creative Entrepreneur?

Are you a coach or creative entrepreneur ready to take your business – and life – to the next level? 

Does it feel like 2023 is meant to be an epic year of growth and expansion (despite what may have felt like a wonky start)?

Is this the year you go ALL IN on your goals?

If so, I have a special invite for you… 

You’re invited to apply for my 2023 Rockstar Business Mindset Mastermind. 

Creative Entrepreneur

The Rockstar Business Mindset Mastermind is a five-month coaching experience complete with luxury in-person retreat (plus a bonus integration/connection month) for creative entrepreneurs ready to up-level their businesses. 

I’ve designed the Rockstar Business Mastermind to make sure you have access to everything – the tools, the mindset shifts, the experts, the community, the healing – that helped me grow and sustain a successful business over the past 14 years. 

A business that has always been FUN, PROFITABLE, and unabashedly ME. 

I want this for you too.

This year, this group feels extra special as it marks ten years since I said YES to my business in a big way. 

Back in 2013, I enrolled in a high-level business coaching program. It was scary. I had NEVER invested that much in business coaching before (and honestly, my husband could not believe what I was willing to invest in myself and my business), but I was ready to go all in. To me, it was me saying to myself: I’m not fucking around. Let’s do this. If I’m making $3,000 from this offering, how can I make it $10,000? $50,000? And guess what? It worked. 

That was a major turning point for the success of my business. To start making real, “I’m not messing around here” kind of money.

When you’re ready, you just know.

The Rockstar Mastermind isn’t for everybody. I’m only accepting 15 new people who are serious and ready to level up  — and walk beside me in this industry (and 6 spots are already taken!)

I’ll be sharing more about this very special program over the next few weeks, as well as my biggest tips, takeaways and mistakes from almost a decade and a half in business!

If you already know you’re interested in being a part of this special group, you can get all the details and apply to join by 2/1: 2023 Rockstar Business Mastermind

I can’t wait to see the magic that’s sure to unfold in this very special group.

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