May 17, 2018

A sneak peek inside my coaching program

With everything we want to accomplish in this world knowing where to begin can sometimes feel overwhelming. How can we start feeling the way we want to feel TODAY, without spending tons of time or energy researching diets, supplements or the latest celebrity workout plan? How do we go from overwhelm to action?

Today, I’m sharing a short video where I walk you through how you can say goodbye to overwhelm and get your booty in gear. This is the first and easiest action item I work with my private coaching clients on and it’s part of what you’ll learn in the first module of Your Healthiest You.

**Like I mention in the video, I’m offering an extra sweet bonus (my Meal Prep Workshop!) for anyone who enrolls in Your Healthiest You through the end of TODAY ONLY (Friday, May 18th).**

This video gave you a taste of what you’ll learn in Your Healthiest You, my 6-week online coaching program.

This is how I coach – no fluff, direct to the point. My hope is that you feel inspired, supported and ready to GO! And that’s how all the modules in my 6-week course are built out – a hefty dose of coaching, with all the practical guidance you’ll need. Curious if this course is right for you?

Is this for you?

Your Healthiest You is for you if:

  • You’re ready to release yourself from the deafening world of food noise – the constant “should I eat this or eat that” chatter.
  • You want to try some of the foods you’ve heard me suggest but you’re not sure how to shop for them, cook them and eat them.
  • You’re so over feeling less than fabulous in your body. (And “meh” counts too. You deserve to feel uh-mazing.)
  • You’ve been wanting to cleanse, diet or detox but are so sick of everything you’ve tried before not working.
  • You eat “healthy” but still struggle with digestive upset like bloating, gas, acid reflux, constipation (fun!).
  • You’ve been searching for recipes you will actually make and integrate into your life.
  • You thought about joining last time but it wasn’t the right time.

My group coaching program is the space where you can get all the juicy info plus the support you need to actually put your desires, hopes, wants and dreams into action.

Here’s how the 6-week program works:

  • Each week you’ll receive a recorded coaching call that will be a mix of topic-focused coaching and Q&A (that you can listen to whenever works with your schedule!) >> check exactly what topics we’ll be covering each week HERE:
  • You’ll also receive a Topic and Tips Guide (which contains important call overview notes and what to focus on – essentially a cheat sheet from the call) and a Playsheet (to workshop each topic, aka your “homework”)
  • And a new set of recipes and shopping guide so you don’t have to think about what you’re going to make that week!
  • Finally, you’ll have access to an exclusive YHY Community Facebook group to connect, share, ask questions and be inspired.
  • Plus special topic videos, recordings, guest interviews and live coaching time.

If you enroll today (Friday 5/18) you’ll get instant access to my Meal Prep Workshop Program! In this video workshop, I’ll walk you through my exact weekly meal prep routine, including specific recipes and a sweet, simple shopping list. You can choose to follow along in your own kitchen, or sit back, relax, and just watch! And it’s doable no matter what style of eating you follow.

Living a healthy life doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It can be FUN and delicious and I’d love to have the honor of showing you how.

Here’s the link for all the details on the program and to enroll (and grab those bonuses!!): Your Healthiest You Group Coaching Program.

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