April 29, 2015

Are You Detoxing All Wrong? [New Recipes and Video Inside!]

With spring arrives fresh energy, beautiful blossoms and A LOT of questions about detoxing. How should you detox? What and when should I eat? How long should I do it for? There’s a lot of information going around out there but honestly, most of it’s completely cray. Do you really think humans are supposed to go up to a week without solid food?! For the most part, the answer is no…

While there are a few times I’ll genuinely crave a day or two of mostly liquids, especially from my girl, founder of Lulitonix, plus some blended foods (soups, smoothies, some avocado, etc.), you’ll never catch me not chewing for any longer than that. Juice cleanses feel eerily close to my teenage days when I’d try to live on water and celery sticks, plus I’ll usually eat everything in site because I know I’ll be “detoxing” the next day. Sound familiar?

What do I do instead?

I take a non-dieter’s approach to detox.

Instead of cleansing for days at a time try one or two days a month, even spaced out. Even better make detoxing a daily habit. At least once a day, I consume a meal full of detoxifying foods {check the PS for how to get that list!}. And, no this doesn’t always have to be a salad. 😉

Here are some favorite simple “detox” recipes:

Try a light soup you can eat chilled or room temp like Carrot Ginger, Healing Greens, or Gazpacho. And when it comes to salad skip the romaine and go for a more satisfying dish like this Smoked Salmon Escarole {and VIDEO!}, or one of my go-to faves, Massaged Kale with Almonds and Apples.

What’s your favorite detoxifying dish? Take a pic and tag me @RobynYoukilis and #YourHealthiestYou on Instagram. And be sure to let me know which one is your favorite over on the Facebook page.

XO, Robyn

P.S. Have you heard? I’m putting on a spring detox workshop (for people who hate diets of course!) and would LOVE to have you there. Plus if you sign up this week, you’ll have access to an exclusive bonus Q+A call where I’ll answer any and all of your burning questions. Be sure to sign up for free here.

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