December 5, 2023

Best Ways to Spark Action

Lately I’ve been feeling extra motivated to make a difference in the world through the work that I do. I love creating a safe space for my clients and community to show up, feel heard, feel supported, and motivated to become the best version of themselves through their own actions. 

Have you been feeling that way too? Are you feeling motivated to be a changemaker? Do you want to do things differently than how they are normally done? 

If you’re absolutely YES, but how? My dear friend Gregg Brown has got you. 

I met Gregg at a speaker training in Sante Fe and he’s been an important person in my life ever since. He recently came out with a best-selling book, Spark Action: How to Lead Change That Matters, so I asked him to share a few tips on how we can become changemakers today. 

  • Shift your mindset from “convince” to “educate and discuss.” – This might be shocking but you don’t need to convince anyone of anything! Trying to convince our friend or a relative that our way of action is how it should be done never ends well. No need to end the year off with a family feud! Instead of trying to convince them to your side, focus on educating and discussing why you feel and believe the way you do. Not only does that open it up for a more enjoyable conversation, but it takes the pressure off and gives them the space to make up their own mind and take action. 
  • Convey your own excitement – When you start using phrases like “I feel . . .” and “I want us to do this because . . .” it not only allows others to understand where you’re coming from, but your excitement will naturally come out and get them excited too. 
  • Move away from buzzwords – Cliché terms such as “productivity”, “efficiency”, and “authenticity” can turn people off. The trick is to explain what they will actually experience or see differently when taking this point of action. Being aware of your words can help you create a special form of magic when talking to others. 

And most importantly, always remember you can’t change anyone. You can’t make anyone do anything – all you can control is what YOU do and what you share with the world. I definitely needed this reminder!​​​​​​​

If you want to dive deeper into these tips, you can get Gregg’s book Spark Action: How to Lead Change That Matters here.

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