March 13, 2013

Four words I’d never thought I’d say

I f***ing hate running.

Well, at least right now.

I remember a time when running was one of my favorite things to do.  I’d spring out of bed without a thought, cause, or concern and strap on my sneakers, eagerly anticipating the feeling of freedom my new sport had granted me.

After my first half marathon back in October I felt on top of the world.  I couldn’t wait to conquer my next challenge.  I signed up for the NYC half-marathon to run and raise funds for an incredible charity, Every Mother Counts.  I assumed my love of running would continue and the addition of running for a cause would bring a new level of love and enthusiasm.

It didn’t.

In all of my planning and excitement for the NYC half, there was one MAJOR factor I completely forgot to consider: New York City in the winter.  It is FREAKING FREEZING (duh) – and I didn’t anticipate that I would HATE running in the cold.

Why not just quit?  Because I committed.  Because I’ve set a goal of running three half marathons in 2013 and because of this.  Because I know I can do it (and I’m in the home stretch it’s this weekend!).

Sharing my recent battles with running has me thinking a lot about you guys (I’ve had a lot of time to think out there!) and what you may have set your sights on that later ended in frustration and a battle of wills?  Was it a diet?  Something on which you inevitably decided you would start over again Monday?  Was it cutting out gluten, ditching the booze or promising to get more sleep?  Any of these goals ever float around in your head only to end up in a pile of proverbial disappointment?  The more miles I logged the more I realized what was missing from my training.

To help you (and these helped me too) jump over your hurdles I have created actionable tools that everyone can easily implement (below) to help you persevere, no matter what the goal.

PS  Please consider donating anything you can to support me in my home stretch, I’ve raised a little over half my goal: Click here!.  Massive thanks in advance.

Here are action items that were missing from my training and will help me (and you!) immensely in the future:

1. More support  

I thought I needed to go it alone.  Since I prefer to run alone I assumed the entire running training program should be experienced alone as well.  I didn’t think about all the inspiring running blogs I could have been reading, all the participants on message boards with whom I could have swapped blizzard stories, and even the running buddies to whom I could have made a phone call when I needed an extra pep talk.  Support is EVERYTHING and that’s why it is the key principle in my exclusive one-on-one coaching programs.

Action item for you – How can you receive more support?  What do you need to do to make this happen for you?  Maybe it’s time to work with a coach or find a new gym buddy?

2. Focusing on small steps

Need to do a 90 minute run?  Tough to motivate and get out there.  Thinking about going out there to run for 20 minutes?  Not such a big deal.  Break the project into small steps and you’ll be much quicker in starting the task ahead.

Action item for you – What if your goal, to start, is to lose just two pounds instead of 15, go to sleep 10 minutes earlier instead of an hour, and to drink one extra glass of water instead of 10?   Isn’t it easier to get started?  Having big goals can help guide us through life but in day-to-day application, they tend to shut us down.  Start with a smaller and much more manageable goal and gradually build from there.

3. Getting out of my head

Our very own minds can be a scary place.  In any moment, we can completely talk ourselves in or out of something we need to do.  What I needed to do was just write it out, and not necessarily a full journal entry.  I just put down on paper a sentence or two about how frustrated I was feeling so I could release it from my thoughts.

Action item for you – Write it out!  I wrote down why I was running and why the charity was so important to me (raising money to help prevent the deaths of moms-to-be? No brainer) and then I posted them around my house!  Having these messages to read can help you get through those moments when your mind says you just don’t wanna.

So here is my assignment for all of you.  What goal in your life that you are working towards could benefit from applying these three tips?  How are you going to start to put them into action?  Let me know in the comments section below so we can support each other.  And if you’re ready for the next level of support, so rich and full of everything you need (I designed it this way!), then schedule a chat with me right now.  Because we all need a little more love and support.

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