October 22, 2014

Chew on this, a 21 day challenge that can change it all.

I’ve got something for you to chew on…

Something that is going to make you feel loads better – without having to change a single thing in your diet.

But I don’t want to simply hand you another thing to add to your your already way-too-long to-do list…

It all came to me when I set out on a run, tossing ideas back and forth in my head, and then I manifested it – the best challenge with just one premise, one to-do, one simple action that has the power to change everything.


Yep. You know you’re not really chewing the way you should. We’re living in a fast-paced world where chewing our food is bypassed so that we can move on to the next thing, quicker, faster. We want to chew more; we try, we strive, but unfortunately, it’s just not happening. The result? We feel like crap and don’t understand why.

That’s why I’m choosing YOU to take on The 21-Day Chewing ChallengeSign up here and you’ll receive complimentary access to 21 days of amazingness designed to help you be a better chewer:

▪ 21 short and sweet daily reminder emails with my top digestion tips, a food-of-the-day and its benefits, and general Robyn-style entertainment galore to keep you inspired
▪ 21 cute, daily images to share socially— once you start feeling the effects, you’ll want to inspire others to pay attention to their chomping
▪ 3 Robyn to the Rescue videos
▪ 3 weekly virtual dance parties to celebrate your happier, healthier and easily flowing body
▪ 1 secret, delicious, digestion-aiding recipe per week
▪ 1 Facebook group to rock this challenge with other participants cheering you on

And the best gift of all…

▪ 1 better belly (AKA the center of everything that you are) that’s flowing with ease 🙂

Why is chewing so freaking important?

Your stomach doesn’t have teeth {tweet that!}, so when you don’t chew thoroughly (until liquid) your digestive system sends your body into overdrive.

You overeat. You feel bloated. You don’t have any extra energy. And those symptoms are just the tip of the iceberg.

Changing this one thing you do, “how” you eat, has the power to change EVERYTHING.

So are you ready to learn in just 21 days what took me three years to learn? This is my number one health game changer, and because I, too, need the gnawing reminder, I’ll be doing the whole thing with you. 🙂 Throughout the 21 days I will guide you and push you in ways that will gently teach you how to up your chewing ante and when we’re done, you’ll be a pro.

So are you in? I can hear your tummy grumbling yes.

You’ve totally got this. It’s time to chew it out…


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