June 25, 2014

Everyone asks me to see this [PHOTOS]

You’d be fascinated by what you can learn by taking a peek into someone’s fridge:

  • What do they like to eat?

  • What do they snack on?

  • What’s their fresh-to-processed ratio?

Know what else you can learn? How to make healthy eating simple and delicious.

Here’s a peek into my refrigerator and my top five tips for your fridge:


1. Keep veggies & greens out of bins: you’ll never use them in there. Look at that shelf? Doesn’t it look inviting, all those glorious greens? Cleaned, chopped and ready to go! Keep these babies visible and you’ll naturally want to use them. I also loooove my “green bags”. They keep my veggies fresh twice as long (really!!). You can check those out here.


2. Keep fresh fruit handy. See those juicy little raspberries up on the top right shelf? When I open the fridge those little jewels are staring me in the face, ready for me to snag a few. There’s not thought involved, they’re washed and ready to go, and the perfect healthy snack, especially when I want to reach for something sweet and not so healthy.

3. Save your scraps. The plastic bin on the top left shelf holds half an avocado and half a lemon. By keeping these items fresh and in a storage container (versus a sandwich baggy), I’ve got them ready to go for a quick snack or meal accompaniment, without having to use the entire thing at one time or worse, wasting it.


4. Freeze your nuts. Did you know nuts and seeds spoil easily and should be stored in the fridge or freezer? Well they do! It’s because of their high oil content (think of the warnings about olive oil, dark bottle and out of sunlight). Rancid nuts = stomachache. No fun. And yes that’s a bottle of booze. 🙂

5. Stock {healthy} frozen veggies and meals. Organic frozen veggies are great to add to any meal or stir fry so I always keep them around. Throw them in a pan with a quick protein like chicken or jarred tuna and you’ve got dinner. And the soups? Anytime I make a soup (summer too!) I always freeze a couple portions before I even begin eating the soup. That way I end up with a freezer full of healthy options. I’ll defrost in a saucepan, add a poached egg and dinner is ready!

Now I want to see your fridge! Snap a pic and share with me on social media by tagging me @robynyoukilis for Twitter and Instagram and Your Healthiest You on Facebook. Be sure to use the hashtag #yourhealthiestyou so I can see it!

Hope you found this helpful! Feel free to share on Twitter!

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